Bahamian Dj To Take Rake N' Scrape To Dubai


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TEEN deejay Jasper “DJ Ovadose” Thomas is on an ambitious quest to introduce the Bahamas’ unique rake n’ scrape sound to the rest of the world. His first stop? The desert metropolis of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Jasper started with his music while on a trip to Florida when he was just 11 years old. His cousins introduced him to a computer mixing programme and since then he has been working on perfecting his craft.

At age 12 he created his very own online radio station called Ovadose Radio, which attracted a huge following among his peers.

With his popularity growing, Jasper’s father, Ian Thomas, who is a marketing representative, introduced his son to a local radio programming director who saw something special in this young man and decided to take a chance and allow Jasper to apprentice with seasoned radio personalities.

Jasper and his older brother Jefferson started their very own marketing and promotions company called Prezidential Productions, offering products and services such as deejay servicing, a “Team Ovadose” T-shirt line, hosting teen dances, working along with up and coming artists, videography and photography, event promoting. The brothers are now also in the process of creating their very own water and jewellery line.

Jasper said he is humbled to have this opportunity to travel and represent his country and its infectious style of music to the world.

“I want you all to discover and rediscover the beautiful islands of the Bahamas through rake n’ scrape music,” he told In Ya Ear.

“The first leg of this world tour will send me and my public relations team to Dubai, where we will secure a venue for DJ Ovadose to guest deejay at a very upscale event. Upon the completion of this project, DJ Ovadose takes rake n’ scrape to Dubai, we plan to release a detailed plan to visit Asia, Africa and Europe. I want the world to make Bahamian music cool. My goals are simple, keep pushing and challenging myself to improve my craft. Eventually, I’d like to make the transition into music production and promotion.”

The proposed tour dates are set for October through November of this year. Jasper hopes to raise funds for this endeavour; his target goal is $50,000.

“I enjoy my Indian and Bahamian mixed heritage, but the love I have for Bahamian music is phenomenal. So I am on a quest to be the youngest deejay to play in Dubai and I would like to leave a legacy of taking Bahamian style music (around the world). I am positive that when they hear the infectious beat, they will want to infuse it with their Middle Eastern sound,” said Jasper.

The young entertainer said he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help his vision become a reality.

Jasper’s team has put together reward packages that include signed DJ Ovadose T-shirts, wrist bands, personally recorded CDs of choice and more for those who support him on Kickstarter.


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