Striping The Road To Haiti

THE Bahamas Striping Group of Companies (BSCG) is travelling to Haiti on the invitation of the President, Michael Martelly, to provide a scope of work on road construction, striping and airport maintenance services.

“The Bahamas Striping Company is a success, and this is what needs to take place in Haiti,” said President Martelly, who added that he is aware of the company’s Bahamas work and its philosophy in training young Bahamians. He said more Bahamian companies need to invest and build partnerships in Haiti.

Haiti has hundreds of miles of roads that needs to be striped, constructed and maintained, as well as five airports that are in construction and that will need to be to ICAO and FAA standards and requirements.

Atario Mitchell, president of BSGC said yesterday that entering into other countries in the region has always been a part of the company’s plan. “BSCG doesn’t only want to empower

Bahamians, but to encourage others throughout the region to become a part of the

industry which will promote a culture of reliance on capable and competent Haitian talent and skills.

Mr Mitchell added that BSGC is in the process of determining the necessary scope of works. It is envisaged that the training which BSGC will provide for the Haitians will equip them with the skills to launch their own maintenance companies, thus mitigating the need for many of them to risk their lives to seek a better way of life by migratin illegally to the Bahamas.


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