BTC helps 400 students get set for school

MORE than 40 BTC iVolunteers teamed up with community leaders, educational speakers, health and grooming professionals at BTC’s 2nd annual BTC School Aid to prepare 400 students for the coming school year.

At the event, iVolunteers chaperoned and facilitated carnival games, parenting and health seminars, leadership pep talks, medical and dental screenings, manicure stations, face painting and a wide range of other activities to help students and their parents get in gear for September.

iVolunteer founding member Brent Marshall said that the numbers and enthusiasm of the BTC staff at the event were indicative of a deep-rooted culture of social responsibility at the telecommunications company, especially concerning youth development.

“I’m excited to see so many people benefit from our work, and I can see the excitement on other iVolunteers faces too. The BTC crew loves working with kids,” Mr Marshall said.

“BTC staff members are motivated, caring, and willing to extend themselves. The iVolunteers group was founded on these qualities and they are epitomised in this event.”

Director of Youth K Darron Turnquest, who led a parenting seminar and a leadership pep talk, agreed that the iVolunteers were the key component that made the event outstanding.

“This is a remarkable event,” Mr Turnquest said.

“BTC’s iVolunteers and CEO Leon Williams ought to be applauded. Funds are always needed, but all the money in the world could not do the work that the iVolunteers have done today impacting the lives of these young people.

“People-helping-people will change the fate of our youth.”

Indira Collie, BTC’s manager of internal communications and a key organiser of BTC School Aid, explained that the event is one of the most rewarding events of the year for her team.

“We work on community efforts year-round, but always look forward to School Aid,” Mrs Collie said.

“This event gets better every year as we meet the needs of school children – our future ministers, engineers, lawyers and doctors.”

However, Mrs Collie noted that BTC and the iVolunteers weren’t the only ones who gave tremendously to make the event a success, expressing great thanks to the many other businesses that came on board for the event.

“We could not have done it without our partners: Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace and Thompson Trading Company.

“We are humbled by the impact we’ve been able to make and look forward to assisting many more students in years to come.”


TalRussell 9 years, 3 months ago

Now, all they will need is some light stay on do they homework? Maybe it would not be bad idea for BEC disconnection workers to show that same enthusiasm to check with the parents/guardians of the 400 worthy students to see if they even got lights on now in they homes?


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