Two Face Court On Murder Charges


Tribune Staff Reporter


TWO men were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison yesterday after being arraigned in connection with two separate murders this year.

Jarvis Burrows, 32, of Sutton Street, stood first before Magistrate Samuel McKinney facing abetment to murder, abetment to commit armed robbery and possession of a firearm while committing a specified offence, stemming from the fatal shooting of George Nixon a week ago.

Burrows is claimed to have, while in the possession of a handgun, aided and abetted the murder of Nixon on August 21.

Sometime around 10pm on the day in question, Nixon of Lyon Road, was standing on the street on which he lived when two men armed with handguns accosted him and began firing in his direction.

He ran to the rear of a local business where he was cornered and fatally shot multiple times in his body.

Magistrate McKinney informed the accused that he would not be allowed to enter a plea because his case would be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court.

This would occur through service of a Voluntary Bill of Indictment, scheduled for October 1.

Burrows was also charged with armed robbery and receiving in a separate matter stemming from an incident on May 27 this year when Tony Williams was robbed at gun point of his 2002 Nissan Blue Bird vehicle, valued at $6,000.

That case is also to be forwarded to the Supreme Court for trial.

In the next arraignment, 33-year-old Aondol Paul of Nassau Village was charged with the May 27 murder of Kently Milford.

Milford, 24, was sitting under a tree playing dominoes with three other men around 1pm when two other men appeared from the northern side of the street.

One of the men, who was armed with a handgun, approached the victim and began discharging shots in his direction.

Milford got up and tried to run, but collapsed a short distance away.

That matter is also to be forwarded to the Supreme Court for trial through a VBI presentation on October 1.

Neither men was represented by a lawyer in yesterday’s proceedings.

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