Mr J Shines A Light On 'God's Love' With New Single


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THE greatest love story ever told for Christians was that of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save mankind. It is a story often told, however, instead of just considering the bare facts of what occurred centuries ago, gospel musician Mr J seeks to help people to see the bigger picture and achieve a deeper understanding of God’s love for the world.

Mr J’s new single, entitled “God’s Love”, tells the story of how humankind fell because of the disobedience of one man, Adam, and how it rose after Jesus Christ was born, died and was resurrected.

“The song is about the downfall of man through disobedience, resulting in sin coming into existence. The poor judgement of one man, Adam, brought death and condemnation upon all. A pronouncement of hard labour was cast on the man whilst the woman would carry the burden of pain in child bearing. Their offspring, infected with the disease of sin caused by the serpent, learned hate, jealousy and murder,” Mr J said.

“The earth became filled with so much violence, crime and wickedness that God regretted making man. His sadness and anger over the condition of mankind drove him to contemplate and devise a plan to rid the world of the evil that was constantly perpetrated by those that hate righteousness,” the singer said.

“Despite the continual transgressions of His order, He showed mercy, but perverseness and promiscuity went on unabated. God finally unleashed His wrath after the period of repentance expired. The door of grace was shut tight that no man could have opened it to offer safe sanctuary to those left on the outside.”

Mr J hopes that the song’s lyrics bring conviction to the souls of those living in disobedience to God and cause them to repent.

“By taking stock of their lives and living righteously according to the word of God, each of us holds the key to solving all of the social ills we are plagued with,” he said.

“Relative to the conditions in times past are the current situations the people in the Bahamas are faced with. The vexing problem of crime has made the population fearful for their lives while its leaders seem to be totally void of solutions to stem the tide,” Mr J said.

“Sexual immorality, dishonesty, abuse of power and human abuses are practiced without repentance, influencing the next generation. God through His mercy continues to extend His olive branch inviting sinners to be reconciled to Him through His sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ. As it was in the days of Noah, the people of the Bahamas are continuing in their riotous way of living, triggering judgement and punishment on the land,” he said.

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