How Will You Grow Your Personal Economy In 2015?

By Michelle Miller

WHEN it comes to the economy most people have a tendency to only look outward rather than inward.

This is not surprising considering the barrage of media stories about the world’s sluggish economies and or global financial meltdowns.

Over time, these stories may paint the picture that you have no personal responsibility for or power of influence over your own personal economy. Well, the truth of the matter is you do.

As a matter of fact, the world economy has a serious personal side, which is directly influenced by you. An influence which is determined by the way you think, feel and behave.

Perhaps this reality is difficult for you to absorb because you may be unfamiliar with the concept of personal economic growth. You are not alone. This lack of awareness leaves many vulnerable to unpredictability of global economics. And while what goes on around the world may have some influence on your personal economy, what goes on within you has a greater influence on your personal economy.

The point here is these remaining hours in 2014 offer a great opportunity for personal introspection.

Look at this fact, despite news of many infamous financial hurdles across global economies, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals whose personal economy continues to flourish.

As we speak, they are experiencing incredible growth and expansion; not just surviving but actually thriving.

If you have any doubt about this fact, take a slow stroll through the Atlantis’ Marina Village.

Take a look at the many amazing yachts docked with confidence and see if you get any feeling that these folks are experiencing personal economic distress.

Still, let’s get some perspective. A flourishing personal economy is a result, not a cause. This means you cannot experience this kind of results if you do not invest that kind of work.

Your personal economic growth must be a deliberate intention.

Waiting until the economies of the world start to cave in on you is not the time to be looking for a plan. You must be proactive and prepared. Get working on yourself, developing your mind and thinking skills.

There is no sustained personal economic growth without a sustained growth in thinking skills. Your outer life is directly linked to your inner life. The world around you – that’s the world of your personal circumstances – is purely a reflection of what you have done or failed to do with your mind.

Those who think better are better at developing their personal economy.

As you approach this year’s end and replay how you spent your time in 2014, consider these questions: What are you most proud of? What did you create with your resources? How have you grown? Are you living in an improved personal economy or still experiencing the same old personal economic crisis?

These questions seek to inspire you to make 2015 a year for new possibilities. Seize it as your new season to redesign your personal economic plan.

Leader to leader, make the commitment to grow your personal economy and to start by changing your thinking.

Remember if nothing changes, nothing changes. Let us create a personal growth plan for 2015 be the year that you live in an improved personal economic state. This builds a solid foundation for you to fearlessly live the life you love.

What do you think?

• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach, leadership expert and author. Questions or comments can be sent to e-mail coaching242@yahoo.com, or call 429-6770 and visit www.michellemmiller.com or send snail mail to PO Box CB-13060.


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