Plp Starts Countdown To Convention


Bradley Roberts


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party will hold a series of mini-conventions in the Family Islands beginning this weekend, with the party’s major convention being held in November.

Party Chairman Bradley Roberts said the first convention will be held this Saturday in Nicolls Town, Andros.

He said the conventions will be an opportunity to get people excited about the major convention scheduled for the second week in November.

“That will be an all day event, then, when we are done there, we will make a decision on whether we will head to Bimini, Grand Bahama or Abaco,” Mr Roberts said. “We have got options.

“The problem comes when getting all the Ministers together because they move around a lot and we have to fit their schedule. As a matter of fact we have had to change the date three times already to accommodate everyone.”

During the event, a number of top positions are expected to be contested, including leader, deputy leader, national chairman and the trustees.

Mr Roberts said it is “more than likely” that Prime Minister Perry Christie’s seat will be contested during the convention.

He said: “I have not heard anything yet but there may be some challenges. Mr Christie has been challenged many times that is the standard in the PLP.”

The last PLP convention was held in October 2009.

Meanwhile, Free National Movement Chairman Darron Cash said his party still has no date for their convention.


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