Man In Hospital After Stabbing


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A MAN is in serious condition at hospital after he was stabbed during a fight in Eleuthera.

The incident was one of two stabbings that occurred on the island over the weekend. There are two Hatchet Bay men, aged 19 and 21, in custody, according to police, who said the 21-year-old

victim was stabbed shortly after midnight on Saturday while at the Fish Fry in Governor’s Harbour.

The young man, a Palmetto Point resident, was about to leave the area when his neck chains were yanked off, and he was stabbed three times in his upper body.

The victim, who also suffered head bruises, was airlifted to New Providence for treatment.

The first stabbing occurred in Hatchet Bay around 8:30pm on Friday.

According to police, two men were stabbed in a fight at Albury Street.

A 38-year-old man was stabbed in his chest and back. He was airlifted to New Providence after being treated at a local clinic. The older man was said to be in serious condition in hospital, according to police.

The second victim, a 20-year-old man, was treated at a local clinic and discharged. He had been stabbed in his hip.

Persons with information that might assist investigations can contact police at 919 or Crime Stoppers Hotline at 328-TIPS or 300-8476 in the Family Islands.


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