7% Increase In Murders But Violent Crime Reported To Be Down In 2013

Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade

Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade


Tribune Staff Reporter


DESPITE a seven per cent increase in murder from 2012 compared to 2013, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade said yesterday serious crimes in the Bahamas have decreased by four per cent during the same time period.

According to statistics released by Mr Greenslade, the decrease in serious crimes against persons was influenced by decreases in attempted murder, armed robbery, robbery, and attempted robbery, which all decreased by 52 per cent, 8 per cent, 2 per cent, and 9 per cent respectively.

The Commissioner said despite the best efforts of the police the Bahamas still recorded a record number of 119 murders. However, he said 51 per cent of those murder cases have already been solved.

“The 119 murders in 2013 represent an increase of 8 murders over the figure of 111 which was recorded in 2012. Due to the outstanding work by police officers and detectives, 61 persons were arrested and charged for murders committed in 2013. The detection for murders committed in 2013 now stands at 51 per cent and I hasten to point out that the percentage is improving as we continue to solve cases from 2013. Detectives also continue to pursue cases from earlier years and suspects in these cases will also be placed before the courts,” Mr Greenslade said.

Of the 119 murders 94 per cent or 112 were recorded in New Providence, 4 per cent in Grand Bahama and 2 per cent in the Family Islands.

A handgun was used in 82 per cent of the murder cases, followed by knives which were used in 8 per cent of homicides.

One hundred and two of the murder victims were males - 37 between the ages of 18 and 25 and 35 between the ages of 26 and 35.

There were six murder victims under the age of 17, two children ages 2 and 3 and 15 females.

Seventy-six murders or 64 per cent occurred on the streets.

Fifty-five murders occurred between the hours of 4pm and 12am followed by 42 murders which occurred between 12am and 8am. Most murders were committed on Saturdays followed by Mondays with 28 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.

Retaliation was the main motive for murder in 2013 with 39 cases, followed by robbery, domestic disputes and conflicts between individuals.

In 2013, crimes against property decreased by 9 per cent. This increase, according to Mr Greenslade was influenced by decreases in burglary, housebreaking, shopbreaking, stealing, and stealing of vehicles which posted decreases of 12 per cent, 23 per cent, 9 per cent, 4 per cent and 15 per cent respectively.

Stealing from vehicles, however, increased by 6 per cent compared to 2012.

Rape increased by 8 per cent, attempted rape by 82 per cent and unlawful sexual intercourse by 2 per cent.

There were 1.022 armed robberies in 2013 compared to 1,106 in 2012 – a decrease of 8 per cent.

Police removed 438 illegal firearms off the streets of the Bahamas along with 6,853 rounds of ammunition.

Last year there were a total of 160 shooting incidents which resulted in 197 victims.


banker 6 years, 4 months ago

Oh excuse me, I thought that murder was a violent crime. How stupid of me.


MartGM 6 years, 4 months ago

Do they want an applause? smt!


MarkTa 6 years, 4 months ago

Its ok, the DPM says crime is overplayed


B_I_D___ 6 years, 4 months ago

So 51% of the murders are solved...really? Have they all gone to court and proven guilty? Best you use the term 'solved' very carefully...in another 10 years when the case finally goes to court it will likely be overturned or dropped do to some forensic or procedural flaw...then your solved stats go straight out the window.


jackbnimble 6 years, 4 months ago

I agree. If anyone is paying attention, most of them DO NOT result in convictions. Overturned on appeal, not guilty verdicts and nolle prosequis are the norm. Justice Bernard Turner you are sorely missed!


GrassRoot 6 years, 4 months ago

seems the robbers were too busy killing.


GrassRoot 6 years, 4 months ago

oh yes and looking the numbers the "attempting murderers" gotten more successful. seem to have had more shooting practice.


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