Pair Admit Armed Raid On Chinese Store


Tribune Staff Reporter


TWO men are awaiting sentencing in the Supreme Court after they pleaded guilty yesterday to the armed robbery of a Chinese convenience store.

Three days into their trial before Justice Vera Watkins concerning the March 24, 2011, armed robbery of Leam Fong Food Store, Ashwell Bain and Trevor Bowleg informed the court that they wanted to own up to the crime prosecutors alleged that they committed.

This took place while the Crown was in the process of producing security footage of the robbery, in which $600 belonging to the store was taken from a cashier.

On the afternoon in question, two men, one tall and the other short, entered the store, produced a handgun, and demanded that everyone get on the ground.

After they took money from the store’s cash registers, they instructed the cashier and customers to remain on the ground until they counted to 100.

Both men, who are currently on remand, are expected to appear in court on Thursday to be sentenced by Justice Watkins.

Franklyn Williams, deputy director of public prosecutions, prosecuted the case along with Charles Newbold III.

The two men are represented by Calvin Seymour and Raymond Rolle.


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