Police Officer Shot, Suspect In Custody

A 19-year-old man is custody following a shooting incident that left a police officer detained in hospital on Sunday.

According to reports, around 9pm, plainclothes officers acting on intelligence were attempting to arrest a suspect in the Elizabeth Estates area who they suspected to be in possession of a firearm. The suspect fired several shots in the direction of the officers resulting in one of the officers being struck in the right arm.

The officer was taken to hospital where he is detained in stable condition.

A short while later police arrested a 19-year-old male who is assisting with the investigation.


Two men aged 36 and 33, are in custody following a another shooting incident on Sunday.

According to reports, shortly after 10pm, two men were sitting at the rear of a house on Peter Street, when they were approached by three men armed with a handgun who shot one of them to the leg and the other in the hip. The men then fled on foot.

The two victims were taken to hospital where they are detained in stable condition.

A short while later police arrested the two suspects in connection with this incident.


John 6 years, 10 months ago

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN 2012 (according to police) SEVENTY PERCENT of murders involved persons out on bail? either committing the murder or being the victim of murder. DID YOU KNOW THAT The Bahamas has not had less than 10 murders in a single year since 1969 when murders dropped from 19 in 1968 to 8 in 1969? DID YOU KOW THAT The murder rate hit a new high of 74 in 2000 but it fell for three consecutive years in 2003 (50), 2004 (44), and 2005 (50) (there was an increase over 2004). Then after 2006 (60) and except for 2008 (72), the murder rate has been consistently on the rise? JUNE 9, 2014, MURDER RATE HAS DOUBLED IN TEN YEARS (44 in 2004 compared to 61 already for first 51/2 months of this year) and is SIX times what the rate was in 1969 (19 in 1969 to 100 plus expected this year): IS THERE A DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN THE INCREASE IN MURDERS and persons being granted bail and persons not getting speedy trials when charged with murder or other serious crimes? WHAT about the number of persons charged with murder, who are out on bail, or who were killed while out on bail, compared to those convicted and are serving time in jail? HOW many persons were convicted and sentenced for the 2000 plus murders that happened over the past 40 years, compared to those who were never charged, or never found guilty or for some other reason never brought to trial or justice?


TheObjectiveVoice 6 years, 10 months ago

Why are our young men so brainless.... If you get catch with the gun, just give up the gun. Go to jail for a couple year...but noooooooooo...you want to shoot at the police. Now you're probably going up for attempted murder plus the possession of the gun; and I mean attempted murder of every officer you were shooting at and not just the one you hit. People executing mindless behaviour need to not see the light of day again. That was just dumb and stupid.


B_I_D___ 6 years, 10 months ago

Idiot kid is lucky to be alive...police officers tend not to take too kindly to being shot at!!


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