School Delivers 400 Juice Boxes To Children's Home

LUCAYA International School (LIS) donated 400 juice boxes to the Grand Bahama Children’s Home this week, the results of their fourth “juice box drive”.

Katelyn Cabral inspired the idea in 2012 and Sophie Paine and Jessica McBrayer spearheaded the initiative. For more than two weeks the students worked hard to promote their drive and encouraged others to help them.

“I am proud to have been able to continue this project at LIS. I know that the children at the home will be very grateful,” said Katelyn, a sixth year student.

Sophie, an International Baccalaureate student said: “Not only are we sure that this will make a difference in other children’s lives, but it gives us as a student body great satisfaction to know that we have contributed to the well-being of our community. Organising a drive like this is certainly not an easy task as it requires cooperation from all the students.”

Jessica said she hopes to continue to volunteer and help the Grand Bahama Children’s Home (GBCH) in as many other ways as possible.

Vikki Purvis, CAS coordinator, said the IB students are required to complete the 18-month CAS element for the diploma. “There are numerous requirements and one of the aims of this CAS programme is to educate students in the importance of caring about others less fortunate than themselves.

“This year, two IB students decided to work with one of our primary students, which illustrates the way our older students interact with the younger ones at LIS.

“This continual juice box drive plus our annual Turkey Trot for the home, shows that LIS is truly teaching the students to give back and the importance of being good corporate citizens.”

Lesley Davies-Baptista, GBCH executive committee member, expressed her gratitude to the students, teachers and parents of Lucaya for their continued support.

“This donation of the juice boxes could not have come at a better time as we approach a long summer break,” she said. “The LIS student body has found meaningful ways to impact the home – as they set a wonderful example of reaching out and helping others right here in our community.”


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