Volunteer Programme To Help Promote Peace And Goodwill


Tribune Staff Reporter


AS part of the Urban Renewal Commission’s fight against crime, Prime Minister Perry Christie helped launch a volunteer programme yesterday that promises to promote peace and goodwill across the Bahamas.

Highlighting a famous 19th century quote by political theorist John Dunn who said that “no man is an island”, Mr Christie emphasised that tackling crime and solving the social problems that plague the country will take a community effort.

Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis added that similar programs to the Peace Ambassador Initiative launched yesterday have been successful throughout the world as they call for closer partnerships between inner city communities and religious institutions.

Urban Renewal 2.0 co-chair and Former Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt said: “Peace ambassadors are individuals who believe that the Bahamas is fundamentally a peace loving country and desire to see peace and tranquillity return to the homes, streets, neighbourhoods, and communities, especially in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

“They adhere to the gospel as delivered by the Prince of Peace; walking by faith and not by sight.”

She said the ambassadors are needed because of the rise in conflicts, crime and criminality in the Bahamas over the years.

Among other things, the ambassadors are expected to carry out their assignments through “weekly walkabouts on the streets and in neighbourhoods, listening, conversing, counselling, mentoring and encouraging residents”.


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