Seizure Of Cash Laptop Ends Amicably, Says Lawyer


Carl Bethel

By Sancheska Brown

Tribune Staff Reporter


FNM CHAIRMAN Darron Cash has reached an “amicable agreemeent” with the Attorney General’s Office and the Commissioner of Police concerning his “violation of his rights” case, according to his lawyer Carl Bethel.

Speaking outside of the Supreme Court yesterday, while not releasing the details of the agreement, Mr Bethel told reporters his client was satisfied with the outcome.

“The parties in the matter, the party Chairman Mr Cash, the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police, represented by their counsel, have arrived at an amicable solution,“ he said.

“A solution, which in the view of my client, vindicates his having brought this matter to court on the basis that his rights were violated, which also acknowledges the right of the police to conduct a lawful investigation. “

Earlier this month, police officers seized two laptops and a smart cellular phone, the property of Mr Cash, during a search of his home as part of an investigation into leaked files at the Bank of the Bahamas. Two days later, Mr Bethel, on behalf of Mr Cash filed a constitutional motion in the Supreme Court, arguing that Cash’s rights had been violated.

While Mr Cash’s items were not returned, Mr Bethel said he is satisfied that his clients privacy, in respect to his personal and political business, would not be violated.

The Free National Movement has branded the search of Cash’s home as a witch hunt.


Cobalt 5 years, 8 months ago

It's nice that Mr Darron Cash got gratification, satisfaction, and closure in this matter. But I sure wish he would disclose how this was accomplished. There are lots of families that are victims of these types of situations involving police; not to mention police brutality. So where is the legal recourse for them? I guess you need political influence to get justice in the Bahamas.


John 5 years, 8 months ago

Sounds like the rabbit still gat da gun, err I mean computer. and cell phone. This is just a publicity exercise, to say the least and more shame and scandal still continues to be exposed at The Bank of the Bahamas. A Bank that was running profitably under the previous government has now been (apparently) raped, robbed and its coffers ravished.


Cobalt 5 years, 8 months ago

My question is.... how is it that Darron Cash and Dr. Hubert Minnis were so forth coming in their complaints and allegations against the police force, yet, in the wake of this so called "agreement," everything seems to be clouded in secrecy??? Why didn't they call another press conference at FNM headquarters the way they did when this story first broke??? Now both of them have turned mute on the issue while Darron Cash hides behind his lawyer, Carl Bethel, who himself is just another political prankster and sycophant. Secondly, how is Darron Cash satisfied with the fact that his possessions still remain in police custody??? If that's the case... then Mr Cash himself has just validated and given credibility to the police's initial actions. But then again.... how can police officers enter a private residence without a warrant, confiscate personal belongings, and use those belongings as evidence in an investigation??? Isn't that against the law??? I guess not. Otherwise, the items should have been returned. If police investigators are still in possession of Mr Cash's laptop and cell phone and he's satisfied with this fact, then this suggest that either he or his wife are in breech of the law and is seeking to cooperate with authorities. This story reeks of corruption and scandal.


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