A Return For Ingraham?

EDITOR, The Tribune

As Rodney Moncur, the self-proclaimed spokesman, relentlessly agitates for the return of Mr Hubert Alexander Ingraham to the leadership of the Free National Movement (FNM), it has left many hierarchy members of the FNM confused, frightened and clueless as they run around like chickens who have lost their heads being prepared for slaughter.

Politically, they have showed their hands against Mr Ingraham post-election 2012, and are terrified that with the return of Mr Ingraham, they will be left out of the distribution of rewards after the victory. In any event, this now begs the question whether Mr Moncur will be considered for rewards upon Mr Ingraham’s return?

In my humble opinion and advice to Mr Ingraham, you should never even dream of returning as leader of the FNM. The Free National Movement has a leader in Dr Minnis and all FNMs, including Mrs Loretta Butler-Turner, ought to rally around Dr Minnis so he can lead them into the next election.

Anything different will only cause greater division and polarisation – perhaps to the Free National Movement’s demise. Having examined Mrs Butler-Turner’s faction, which is a very small faction in the party, it could only hurt her and leave her without any prominent or significant position within the FNM. Dr Minnis’ faction, which may be the majority, will be reduced upon the return of Mr Ingraham, because Mr Ingraham still has great influence within the party and country. However, taking these factors into consideration, Mr Ingraham should remain a voter and spectator in this leadership race, because a house divided cannot stand.

Is it boredom, spite, legacy or love for country that motivates Mr Ingraham to want to return? It certainly cannot be boredom, because Mr Ingraham has a nice boat to enjoy his retirement as he fishes. Is it love for country? Because he deems it is not going in the direction he expected the country to go? It certainly can’t be legacy; because Mr Ingraham has left a great legacy. He has done well for our country; Mr Ingraham has made significant contribution through infrastructural development, road building, opening up the “air waves” and bringing back a high level of respect and dignity to the Bahamas in the international arena.

Although Mr Ingraham has made a significant contribution to the development of the country, there is a contrast as it relates to the late Sir Lynden Pindling’s legacy. In 1973, despite Bahamians’ outrage and threats to reject the then proposed National Insurance introduction to the Bahamas, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for the Bahamian people. Mr Ingraham would never be able to match “Majority Rule”, Independence, the introduction of the Defence Force and television to name a few.

Current Prime Minister Perry G Christie, on the other hand, has finally found something to leave a good legacy. Yet he procrastinates as time moves closer to the end of his tenure. I believe though that the long term benefits will come; the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) and the legalisation of web shops will definitely straighten the economy of the Bahamas as the government will have additional funds to service our national debt. Prime Minister Christie, however, must take advantage of the little time he has left before “election 2017”. If he legalises the web shops now, in two years the Bahamian people will begin to see the benefits and it will perhaps cause the Bahamian people to regain some level of confidence in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). It will be interesting to see if indecisiveness is a perception or reality, because this seems to be the most difficult task for Mr Christie as he drags his feet. Nevertheless, Mr Christie must move swiftly so as to avoid the PLP demise in 2017.

Meanwhile, Branville McCartney, my leader, who I would really like to see become the next Prime Minister of our country, seems to be cooking up a recipe for a repeat of election 2012. One of the quotes that resonates in my mind from one of Mr McCartney’s speeches is: “if you continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results, it amounts to insanity”. From the high horse on which Mr McCartney rides, he must descend to the level where most of our party members and supporters live; particularly if he is genuinely interested in the party’s growth so it can move forward. What is so interesting though, the level of class and professional people who Mr McCartney wishes to attract to the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), is not subscribing to the party’s philosophy and Mr McCartney’s leadership style. And, the class and level of Bahamians the DNA are attracting, Mr McCartney can’t appreciate them and doesn’t want them. This formula and recipe Mr McCartney is cooking up will only make my transition back to the PLP smoother.

Another big mistake Mr McCartney is making is not taking advantage of Mr Moncur’s “Talk Radio Show”, which can be used for the advancement of the DNA. In fact, three of the most famous, prominent and popular individuals in the DNA – Nicholas Jacques, Wayne Munroe and Rodney Moncur – have not been used to take part in party activities.

Is it jealousy, insecurity or he is just politically challenged? Nevertheless, Mr Hubert Alexander Ingraham understands, recognises and respects Mr Moncur’s value, ability and talent; and is utilising Mr Moncur to agitate for his return to the leadership of the FNM.

Remember Mr McCartney, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.



November 2, 2014.


duppyVAT 5 years, 11 months ago

Didnt Nicholas Jacques run for the DNA in 2012???????? Why worry about the FNM?????? Build your own party and prepare for the 2017 battle.


Emac 5 years, 11 months ago

"Current Prime Minister Perry G Christie, on the other hand, has finally found something to leave a good legacy." You are talking a bunch of shyte. Perry Christie will go down in history as the worst prime minister on the planet. I agree, Ingraham should never even think about returning as leader of the FNM. I was a big supporter of Ingraham and I would never support Ingraham returning to active politics. You are comparing the legacy of Pindling to that of Ingraham. That don't even make sense. Pindling lead a monopoly government for almost three decades, using victimization and scare tactic to keep the opponent at a disadvantage. That act in itself should diminish any legacy people want to pin to Pindling. There was nothing special about what he did for this country. The things that he put in place was what he was elected to do. If you really want to measure the positive impact a leader has on a country, check out the status of education. The Bahamas has one of the worst records in education and technology in the hemisphere.

I don't understand why people would even try to compare the PLP with the FNM party. The difference always boils down to integrity. One has integrity the other doesn't, simple! Ingraham gave the people one of the most important tool in a democracy, a voice. I am sad that he did this, cause ya can't even turn ya dial to a radio station and listen to music anymore. Every station has some talk show. This one act of opening the airwaves has made the political field equal for all parties. I can go on and on and list the things that the Ingraham administration implemented that has tremendously changed the lives of many Bahamians . But that's too tedious. Any honest person can look around and see for himself or herself.


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