Tourist: I was victim of sex attack by jet ski operators


Tribune Staff Reporter


A TOURIST has claimed to have developed post traumatic stress disorder following an encounter near Paradise Island with jet ski operators who allegedly tried to sexually assault her.

Her statement is among a litany of complaints posted on a consumer protection website about the Atlantis resort.

The US Embassy in Nassau recently warned its residents about a spike in reported sexual assaults in this country, some of which were linked to the “loosely regulated” water sports industry on Paradise Island.

The complaint was posted on the website consumeraffairs.com on August 28.

The tourist, whose user name has been withheld, urged “parents, siblings and friends who have loved ones that are girls” to not go to the resort.

“They claim not to own the beach right by their hotel, but that’s in small print when you check in,” the user claimed.

“There are no other signs warning when you enter the beach, it’s at your own risk. I went on the jet ski with my friends and they took me alone to an island with eight other employees of the jet skis and tried putting their privates in my mouth.

“Thankfully I got away and it wasn’t a repeat of the Natalee Holloway situation,” the user wrote, referring to the American teen who went missing on holiday in Aruba in 2005 and was declared dead in 2012.

“... The Atlantis wants nothing to do with the situation that gave me PTSD and ruins my life everyday,” she claimed.

Another user, who identified himself as the alleged victim’s father, added that his daughter was taken to an island “just off the beach”.

“Next thing two more men on wave runners showed up and got onto the island,” he wrote. “Here is where four of them tried to sexually assault her. She fought them off and took a wave runner back to the beach. Her legs were all cut up and she was a mess.”

The user said that after contacting the police, his daughter identified the men from a line-up and some arrests have been made.

Nonetheless, he expressed concern over how Atlantis’ security handled the situation, noting that “in small print on the documents you sign, it states that you go to the beach at your own risk ...”

“My daughter is emotionally and physically a wreck, not to mention me,” he wrote. “I was beyond enraged at the guys and the security.”

When contacted for comment, an Atlantis official emphasised yesterday that the resort “does everything possible” to warn tourists about engaging in business with jet ski operators and in visiting the nearby Cabbage Beach.

The official said the resort “makes it clear” that it does not control the beach and warns guests from doing business with water sports operators.


ThisIsOurs 9 years, 5 months ago

What kind of thing is that? That these guys just think they can kidnap girls and force themselves on them? Serial seducers (that's the best you can call them) have no place in that industry.


BoopaDoop 9 years, 5 months ago

The sad thing is that these sicko psychos don't know that it is wrong in so many ways to force yourself on a female. I will even go so far as to say that some of them think the female is looking to be seduced. Somewhere along the way our upbringing has failed.


Sickened 9 years, 5 months ago

And our successive governments do nothing about it WHY? Because the vast majority of these jet ski animals are in gangs and deal drugs, and our soft ass government needs the votes of these 100 or so sick, deranged animals and will not shut them down. Note: I'm in no way asserting that these gangs have any loyalty to certain government parties or officials or even police officers. It just seems very odd that every Bahamian knows about these jet ski inhuman's yet nothing is done.


javiebenz 9 years, 5 months ago

Same shyt , a few assholes gonna F it up fa erybody...


John 9 years, 5 months ago

They use to have these guys go through Bahama Host programs that taught them how to conduct their business and interact with tourists or any beach user for that matter. Is Bahama Host still in operation? Secondly many of these jet ski operators are young and may not realize that taking a young female to the beach and giving her no other alternative but to have sex with them is rape and not seduction so maybe the police can have some interaction with these guys and educate them about the laws of rape. Let them know any form of aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in them being banned from the jet ski business. Then it is also obvious that the tourist who claims she is suffering post traumatic stress disorder is trying to go after Atlantis for monetary compensation. After being told by Atlantis that it does not own the beach or have control over the jet ski operators, that didn't sit well with her. But we must train our young men and women to be a productive part of the tourist industry and not look to ban them from everything. Proper training and information is necessary for this to happen.


ThisIsOurs 9 years, 5 months ago

Have you ever been touched, and I mean just touched in a sexual manner that you didn't ask for? That is traumatic, you don't forget it. I can imagine what this young girl goes through replaying someone, possibly multiple STRANGE possessed men holding her down and trying to force her to have oral sex. If Atlantis knew if the nature if these attacks they should have taken greater care to warn their guests about "normal" precautions or get the police involved, it's only in their best interest. They have the leverage to clean up the place


Emac 9 years, 5 months ago

Warn their guests??? Can't blame Atlantis for this one. This country has so much BS floating that other people might take it for a giant cesspit. The minute Atlantis start to inform tourists about these circumstances every slap together union will come out of the bushes crying about how Atlantis is not being fair to the small business man etc. The onus lies with the government of the Bahamas; It is government s duty to regulate the industry to avoid these types of horror. But ya can't expect anything from that lazy ass Hanna lady who don't have a clue about what she doing anyway.


ThisIsOurs 9 years, 5 months ago

No, I'm not "blaming" Atlantis, and I'm not saying tell every female guest "be careful, those jet ski guys may molest you", just give common sense safety tips to the guests. Get a bigger police presence on the beach..,the guys would have to be crazy to try a stunt like this if they know a couple police officers are on the shore. Regulating the industry yes, Mrs Hanna doesn't know what she's doing,...she does seem to be in constant reactive mode....


Observer 9 years, 5 months ago

This is a tall tale. When since can a 'girl' fight off two or more horny jet ski operators? Wake up to the fraud. Those 'victims' hatched that scheme to obtain money from 'the hotel'. Do you really think its more than that?


Karen 9 years, 5 months ago

Really Observer??? I was raised in the Bahamas and from time to time I visit home for vacation and to visit my family. Often times I stay in a hotel just to get the vacation feel. In June I stayed at a hotel out West. I was harrassed on the beach daily by these same jet ski operaterors on hotel property. I was offered many free rides. One looked at me and told me the things he would do to me and ask me to go swimming with him so he can put his &**% in me. Yes these foreigners will take the free ride or go clubbing with these hoodlums/jail birds. But this does not make it right for them to get raped or assaulted.


MaLambee 9 years, 5 months ago

There should be some sort of regulation in place. In this way it promotes accountability and responsibility. There is no way that these hoodlums should be around to contaminate the beaches and harass unsuspecting visitors. Because of naivety visitors do trust them more than residents . Also the unsuspecting guest(s) may just want to have the experience. Something needs to be done because it could have been worse for the country and the young lady. I pray that she heals quickly and move on with her life. As for the country, it certainly does not need anymore negative exposure. I recommend that an agency be put in place to monitor these gangsters polluting the beach scene.


asiseeit 9 years, 5 months ago

Many black Bahamians have no clue what a tourist deals with in this country. If our police force had any sense they would rotate some foriegn white police in and let them walk Bay St. and do some buy's. It is an open air drug market down there for tourist. Also put them on the beaches and see just how bad it really is. I have had guests in and tagged along playing tourist before and was horrified at how they where spoken to and approached. It is a wonder we have any tourist!


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