Painting The Town Orange

THE colour orange will adopt new meaning as the Zonta Club of New Providence moves to “Paint the Town Orange” in its new campaign to end violence against women and girls.

At 10am today, Zonta Club of New Providence (ZCNP) in association with Zonta International, the United Nations and its agencies, will kickoff its “Say No To Violence Campaign” in Rawson Square during a small ceremony.

Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin will speak about honour and support of victims of domestic violence.

“Just as the colour pink is used to raise awareness of breast cancer, Zonta is turning to another colour, orange, to highlight the challenges facing victims of domestic abuse,” said Marisa Mason-Smith, president of the Zonta Club of New Providence. “We want to raise awareness to eliminate and prevent all forms of violence against women and girls.”

With an estimated 1,200 women and girls falling victim to domestic violence each year in the Bahamas, the ZCNP will take action today.

Participants – wearing orange - will take a bold stance for the cause by displaying pictures of victims of domestic violence on easels in the historic space.

A wall of support also will be available for words of encouragement to be sent to survivors of abuse in this country and around the world. Zonta will also pay tribute to victims who have died as a result of domestic violence with empty shoes to “fill the space” in remembrance of these women and girls.

This tribute will commence ZCNP’s 16 days of activism against domestic violence as the organisation looks to reach out to the community and get more of the public involved in the cause to stop abuse.

“During the 16 days, Zontians will also reach out to church groups and youth groups with which they have a relationship and give healthy relationship talks to help change the mindset of the next generation,” Ms Mason-Smith said.

The Zonta Club is an organisation dedicated to improving the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women globally and locally.


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