Take Up Arms And Steel Yourself For Spiritual Warfare


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NO MATTER how many times they pray, quote scriptures or think positively about their circumstances, there are many Christians who find themselves enslaved to the problems they face.

To help believers with these issues, Mattie Nottage Ministries International is hosting a four-week intensive School Of Prophetic Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare course this month that entails four sessions.

During the event, which will be held from today to October 31, pastors, church leaders and believers can be trained and empowered in the area of prayer, spiritual warfare and deliverance.

The will cover a number of topics including what is deliverance?, the role of deliverance in the local church, spiritual warfare 101: ‘The Fight For Your Soul’, how to break free from demonic curses, understanding the power of prayer and intercession, understanding dreams and visions, how the prophetic works in deliverance and more.

All of the sessions will be held at The Believers Faith Outreach Ministries’ international multipurpose facility on Carmichael Road.

Dr Mattie Nottage, founder of the Ministry, told The Tribune that everyone’s life is impacted by some area of warfare.

“I feel if people can receive an answer to what is going on they will know how to better deal with their situation. That is the main reason why I believe the Lord led me to conduct a School of Deliverance. It is important to educate people in the area of spiritual warfare because the Word of God says that ‘my people perish for a lack of knowledge’.

“I believe that many people are being defeated because they do not understand the warfare they are fighting or who the real enemy is. This is where many people are being defeated in their everyday lives. What some people do not realise is that they are struggling with various issues, be they personal, relational, on their jobs, in their families, because of a spiritual attack that has launched against their lives. Also, there are others who are aware of the spiritual warfare in their lives but do not know how to employ the spiritual weapons God has given in order to gain the victory.”

Dr Nottage said some of the basic and important aspects of spiritual warfare will be addressed during the event. “First of all we need to make people aware is that warfare is something they cannot see with their natural eye or perceive with their natural senses.”

She also said the event will be most beneficial to the average believer who wants to grow and mature to the next level in God.

“My prayer is that the people of God will become empowered in the areas of spiritual warfare, prayer and deliverance and begin to experience victory as they continue to confront challenges and struggles they face every day,” she said.

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