Man shot dead on way to his friend’s funeral


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ONE of the two men killed in three separate shootings over the weekend was on his way to the funeral of a friend murdered in the Yellow Elder community, police said yesterday. 

According to Central Detective Unit chief Paul Rolle, the victim, whose body was riddled with bullets on Abner Street, Fox Hill, had been wearing a t-shirt  in tribute to his friend, Michael Moss, who was gunned down about three weeks ago.

While Supt Rolle did not want to release the victim’s identity, The Tribune understands he is Darren Woodside Davis, 37, of Abner Street, Fox Hill. He did not have a criminal history, Mr Rolle said.

Police said that at around 10am on Saturday, the victim was walking west on Abner Street when three men in a burgundy coloured van approached him from behind.

Two men got out of the vehicle armed with an assault rifle and a handgun and discharged several shots that struck the victim in his body, police said.

The gunmen fled and police said Emergency Medical Services pronounced the man dead at the scene. 

Mr Rolle said yesterday that investigators were following significant leads and expected to have someone in custody “very soon”.

The second man to lose his life on Saturday was walking on Cambridge Lane when a man accosted him and shot him multiple times. Wounded and bleeding, the man ran towards Hospital Lane, where he collapsed on the side of the road, police said. 

He was taken by private vehicle to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), where doctors declared him dead. Police said he was a 37-year-old man of Hospital Lane. Both victims are expected to be officially identified today.

The deaths take the country’s murder total for 2014 to 95, according to The Tribune’s records.

The third shooting on Saturday has left a man in critical condition at PMH.

According to reports, on Saturday at around 2:20pm, a 24-year-old man of Woods Alley was walking on Ross Corner when a man with a handgun approached him.

The shooter fired several times, striking the victim multiple times in his body. 

Police are appealing to anyone with information regarding these incidents or any other to anonymously call them at 919 or 328-TIPS in New Providence or 1-242-300-8476 in the Family Islands.


hurricane 8 years, 7 months ago

Wild wild west. Looks like every fool owns a firearm. Pure lawlessness.


Well_mudda_take_sic 8 years, 7 months ago

The Tribune website now gets a record average low number of hits per day; therefore no longer worth the time posting comments on.


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