Students Go On A Field Trip To The Supermarket

Students of Uriah McPhee Primary School tour Solomon’s Super Centre to learn about community builders and teamwork.

Students of Uriah McPhee Primary School tour Solomon’s Super Centre to learn about community builders and teamwork.

STUDENTS from Queen’s College and Uriah McPhee Primary School have been learning about money, healthy living and community partnerships on field trips to Solomon’s Super Centre.

Last month, first graders from Queen’s College came armed with shopping lists to purchase items for a class picnic. While touring the store, students learned the value of money and were encouraged by teachers to choose healthy food options. They used addition and subtraction tools while placing picnic items in their carts.

A few days later, kindergarteners from Uriah McPhee browsed the store aisles and met the Solomon’s team as a part of the school’s community builders programme. For the past five years, the school has partnered with Solomon’s allowing students the opportunity to learn about the company, ask questions and explore a business within their community.

From the sales persons to the produce staff, the children quizzed the store’s team and learned about the various job functions. They met the store manager, the chef, the butcher, the baker and all of the other community members forming the Solomon’s team.

“We take the time to conduct school tours because we want kids to know that shopping can be a part of their overall educational experience,” said Solomon’s Super Centre Brand Manager, Monalisa Sweeting, who conducted the tours.

“The students from both Queen’s College and Uriah McPheee were so bright and inquisitive. They had so much fun and they learned practical principles of addition, subtraction, saving, money management and how persons work as a team beyond the classroom. Besides the learning for the students, our workers get a kick out of interacting with the kids and sharing what makes them a special part of the Solomon’s team.”

At the end of each tour the students were quizzed on information discussed during the day with some walking away with special prizes courtesy of Solomon’s.


asiseeit 4 years, 6 months ago

This is great, just never take theses children to the HOA, they will be ruined for life if they come into contact with anything relating to our government.


mangogirl01 4 years, 6 months ago

LMAO! That's a flippant good one!


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