Woman Stabbed In Home By Robber

POLICE are looking for a man who broke into a woman’s home Wednesday morning and stabbed her.

The incident occurred shortly after 3am. Police said a woman was at her home on Frangipani Avenue off Lady Slipper Avenue, when a man with a knife broke in and stabbed her before fleeing on foot.

Police are also searching for two suspects behind two separate armed robberies that occurred on Tuesday. In the first incident, shortly after 10pm a man pulled up to his home in his red Toyota Tercel at Victor Road in Twynam Estates when two men armed with handguns approached. The gunmen stole the victim’s vehicle and sped off in it. Police later found the car on Abraham Street.

About an hour later, shortly after 11pm, two men were playing dominoes in front of a home on Sunglow Road, when two men with handguns approached, taking cash and a cell phone before fleeing on a motorcycle.


1Life2Live 2 years, 11 months ago

Wow, it is non-STOP crime in that country! You guys have the serious problem on your hands; totally!

The Bahamas MUST and I underline MUST return to the CROWN! It can NOT any longer remain independent because it is failing and has been failing for decades! It MUST be returned to the CROWN! If it isn't returned to the CROWN, the entire country will be be doomed!


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