100 Staff Take Btc Severance


Tribune Staff Reporter


SOME 100 workers at BTC have accepted voluntary separation employee packages as a part of BTC’s downsizing operation, Bahamas

Communications and Public Officers Union President Bernard Evans said yesterday.

Mr Evans hinted that more employees could be affected in the coming days and weeks and said many of those that have already accepted the voluntary separation employee package (VSEP’s) are “relieved” that the process is over.

“This has been discussed and rumoured for a while now,” he said. “Many of these employees are just relieved to be done with the ordeal and are now preparing to move on.

“We understand that the number given today doesn’t mark the end of this process. We will have a finalised number in the coming weeks, but at the moment we are looking at around 100 persons.”

Last week, BTC agreed to industrial deals with both the BCPOU and the Bahamas Communications and Public Managers Union (BCPMU).

The BCPOU’s industrial agreement allowed BTC the opportunity to restructure and lay off staff. Built into that agreement were provisions for the VSEPs.

BCPOU Secretary General Dino Rolle last Friday suggested that the newly signed industrial agreement favoured those identified by the company for VSEPs and not those who would stay with the company.

At the time, he said while the union was “satisfied” with what was being offered to persons receiving the separation packages, its “problem” has always been the “compensation that would remain” for those who would stay on with the company.

Meanwhile, yesterday Mr Evans told The Tribune that a “large portion” of those persons that have accepted the packages have indicated to him that they intend to take advantage of the proposed outsourcing and fixed-term contractual work.

“Anytime you can get a package that fairly compensates you and allows you a chance to secure further employment in some form, it makes sense to consider it,” he said.

The BTC “outsource model” will be offered to individuals or groups of employees who can provide a proposal for identified services such as warehouse duties, bill printing and various above and underground field services such as tower and cable riggers, the company has said.

Further to that, employees identified by outsourcing will get a fixed-term contract for the period of their employment until a vendor for the designated outsource area is selected by BTC.

The union had originally said that 140 employees were going to be affected by the first round of layoffs.

Last week, BTC’s CEO Leon Williams said this figure was not correct but did not say how many people the company wanted to let go.

Mr Williams said at that time the company was looking only to position itself for competition prior to the liberalisation of the cellular services market.


sheeprunner12 6 years, 6 months ago

So....... how much of our taxpayers' money was given away to these lousy greedy workers again ........... while young people in this country cant even get a minimum wage job???

We need the government to get out of all of these utility companies


asiseeit 6 years, 5 months ago

BTC is a cash cow for government, they are making more from it now than when it was 100% government owned. That is why they will not name the new cell provider, they want 50% of the new provider to be in government hands (supposedly so they can sell those shares to Bahamian investors, I.E. government cronie's). Here is the pickle, Cable Bahamas is the only real choice, the Virgin group would just re-sell BTC minutes. The rub is Cable Bahamas is 100% Bahamian owned, so how can Government get it's corrupt sticky fingers on the 50% they want. NIB owns a large chunk of Cable, but that is not enough for the kleptocrates, they want 50%, what to do? Meanwhile the Bahamian people are getting swing by BTC, government does not care, they only care about $$$$. When are Bahamians going to wake up and stop the kleptocrates from juicing yinna? Are you not sick of being shafted by government yet or you just like getting juice?


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