Bun In The Oven: Breezing Your Way Through Pregnancy


Bianca Carter

By Bianca Carter

IT’S A fact that pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body. It can tire you out, make you feel sluggish and just plain ‘blah’ sometimes.

With women taking on the world these days, having power careers and many extracurricular activities, they are sometimes choosing to push back the clock.

With today’s medicine and modern technology, women are safely having babies well in to their 40s; and they’re doing it with ease and grace. Take Halle Berry for example, she had a baby boy at the age of 47. She joked on a popular TV talk show that they call it a “geriatric pregnancy”. Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone would deny that women are staying younger for longer. We are taking better care of ourselves, eating right, and staying healthy, so the ticking clock is still ticking for many women well beyond the typical child-bearing age.

Here are a few of my top tips and maternity products to make having a baby at any age more comfortable.

  1. Learning how to cope with morning sickness can be challenging. If you are plagued with it, it can be miserable. Try Preggie Pops, a fruit flavoured, all natural lozenge. I swore by them!

You can take them as needed, morning and night. It’s not a medicine. And just so you feel better about your morning sickness woes, it’s very common. Some women have it morning and night; like me – for four long months. You can also try the saltine cracker method.

  1. Body cream or oil can help prevent stretch marks and itchy skin. Aside from the stretch mark prevention, it just makes your skin feel awesome and fully hydrated. Make sure you get a safe one, even consider organic, free of chemicals and harmful parabens that might not be good for you or baby.

  2. Get a belly band. They stretch your clothes longer and even help you put your normal clothes back on before you’ve lost all of your baby weight. Very simply, it is a band that you place over your pants or skirt that allows you to wear the button or fastening open, extending the size of your clothes. They come in all sorts of colours, but most commonly in white, nude and black.

  3. Buy a supportive and nursing friendly bra. Maternity bras and lingerie have come a long way. They come in lace, bright colours and even leopard print these days. So whatever your pre-pregnancy fashion was, you can still be you; and rock the sexy sleepwear.

  4. A pregnancy pillow works wonders especially in the last trimeste when some women find it difficult and uncomfortable to sleep. I recommend the pregnancy wedge pillow, or if you need ultra comfort and luxury, get the pregnancy full body pillow.

  5. Wear sexy flats or wedge shoes which will allow you to be comfortable but also stylish during your entire pregnancy.

Love and hugs!

• Bianca Carter is a certified lactation counsellor (CLC) and founder of Bun in the Oven. For more information, call 242-601-6977 or visit her at the Harbour Bay Plaza. Follow on Facebook at babybunintheoven or visit www.babybunintheoven.com


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