Correction: After Witnesses Failed To Show Up In Court Last Week, Murder Trial Begins

CORRECTION: On March 12 The Tribune reported that the failure of key witnesses to show up in Supreme Court for a murder trial the previous day resulted in Sean Brown being cleared of murder. In fact Brown was not cleared of murder as Crown prosecutors had, at that point, not determined whether they would proceed in the matter. They decided to do so on March 13 and the trial is scheduled to begin today at 11am before acting Justice Cheryl Grant-Bethel.


Tribune Staff Reporter


A murder trial will begin today, after key witnesses in the case failed to show up for trial last week.

Sean Brown, 22, is on trial for the April 2, 2012, murder of Noel Roker who was gunned down while visiting friends at Dorsett Street in Bain Town.

Last week, crucial witnesses failed to turn up in courtl. On Friday, Crown prosecutors decided to go ahead with the trial today.

During the opening of the Legal Year at the Supreme Court in January, Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson told then-Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett that witnesses not turning up for trial was still a significant obstacle that severely maligns the justice system.

A week ago, brothers Dion Bethel, 25, and Dion Smith, 20, were acquitted of involvement in an inner city park shooting because the complainants and other witnesses failed to show for trial.

It was alleged that the two, on April 26, 2012, shot at Charles Williams, Prescott Williams and Dominic Vilneus at the Stephen Dillett Park, leaving them in fear for their lives.

The Crown’s case was based on recognition evidence.

However, the complainants in that matter, who were reportedly feuding with the accused men, had failed to give statements and show up for court to prosecute the complaints they had filed.


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