A Festival To Inspire The Mind, Body And Spirit


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WHETHER you are looking for information or seeking inspiration as it relates to healthy living, inner peace or mental stimulation, you do not want to miss the upcoming Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, a brand new event to hit Nassau.

The purpose of the festival is to give exposure to individual business and services that encourage healthy living with a focus on the mind, body and spirit.

It all goes down at The Place For Art on the Doongalik Art Gallery grounds, Village Road, on March 28.

The event will feature activities and services that include yoga, henna, native teas, healthy eats, mental wellness, Reiki, massage, astrology, smoothies, sound therapy, natural healing, new age jewellery, portrait artist display and live music for all to enjoy.

Linda Osborn said she is very excited to be one of the exhibitors at the upcoming festival, providing Reiki energy and sound healing. She said Bahamians are becoming more aware of the need for healthier lifestyles and they are now taking the natural approach to food and nutrition, hairstyles, exercise and fitness, and a healthy home life.

“This festival will be very important in imparting more information about holistic and alternative choices for daily living. Too many people in this country are afflicted with so many life-threatening diseases, and at a younger and younger age. It’s time for the population to wake up and become aware of alternatives for a happy, stress-free lifestyle,” said Ms Osborn.

She said she enjoys the reaction from clients after a session with her, as the transformation in the client’s appearance is usually the best feedback of all. Ms Osborn said people who are tense and stressed when they arrive, express how relaxed and light they feel as they leave.

Kim Smith, renowned artist and the festival’s main organiser, said he looks forward to people coming to this unique event and also being introduced to The Place For Art, a specialised art education centre offering art classes for children, teens and adults. He said he hopes that the presenters and exhibitors of the event will gain more exposure of their skills and services, and hopefully provide festival-goers with new information and insight.

Mr Smith has been operated The Place For Art since 2011. In 2013, he relocated the art school to the Doongalik Studios property, and with a business partner, expanded client services to include custom picture framing.

He said the upcoming festival will open with two cellists playing live music as patrons walk through the entrance. This will be followed by two other live performers playing the viola and cello.  Throughout the afternoon the exhibitors will invite to “gatherings” where the attendees will come together to listen to information given by each of the presenters.

In addition to the practical and informative sessions, the festival will also have food and beverage stations offering native teas, green smoothies, organic produce, wraps, health juices and vegan food.

DeVonnia Bonimy-Lee, another exhibitor for the festival, said her company Bahamas Island Retreats will offer two 15-minute yoga sessions per hour; beginner and intermediate levels. All ages are welcome.

“With the current epidemic of lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, etcetera, it is more important than ever for Bahamians to find an inspiring way to improve their mental and physical health. There is no quick-fix for these diseases, it requires a commitment, a true change in everyday choices,” said Ms Bonimy-Lee.

She hopes to inspire people to find new and healthy ways to improve their quality of life, and if they choose yoga, Ms Bonimy-Lee said she looks forward to welcoming them to her retreat sessions.

“Retreats are a great way to meet new people, escape the hustle of the city, while rediscovering the islands of the Bahamas,” she said.

Local astrologer Tametryo Brown said he enjoys helping people find their purpose in life. He said astrology can help a person know the map of their lives. At his festival booth, he will be working alongside his apprentice and protégé Adah Deveaux.

“We will have an incredible young lady that has the ability to read your auras and we will have Anishka Deveaux selling healing crystals and orgone energy which heals the physical body from the air that is around us. It is am amazing piece of science,” said Mr Brown.


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sansoucireader 6 years ago

Sounds like an interesting event, will check it out. Seems like something the Christian Council would complain about; too 'new age' and different for their crowd.


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