Neely In Tears As He Awaits Sentence


Tribune Staff Reporter


SENTENCING proceedings began yesterday for a man convicted of aiding the fatal stabbing of the teenage son of convicted drug traffickers Dwight and Keva Major.

Kervin Neely was in tears when escorted by police officers to appear before Justice Bernard Turner concerning the June 1, 2014, killing of 17-year-old Enrico Major.

Dwayne Peter Lockhart earlier pleaded guilty to murdering Major and is currently serving a 24-year sentence.

Neely had testified that he had no involvement in the death of Enrico Major and that the only thing he did on the day Major was killed was to give Lockhart a ride to a dead end corner near Lockhart’s home.

However, his testimony was rejected by a jury and he was unanimously convicted of abetment to murder.

Justice Turner had adjourned sentencing to yesterday for the production of a probation report to help him in determining an appropriate sentence for the 35-year-old.

Probation officer Christina Swain took the stand and her report was tendered; however, her summation was not read into evidence.

Trial prosecutor Aaron Johnson asked the probation officer if the convict had expressed remorse for the crime. Ms Swain said Neely had expressed sympathy for the loss of life.

Neely’s lawyer Glendon Rolle asked Ms Swain if she had made any recommendations to the court concerning his client’s potential for rehabilitation. The probation officer said she had not, given that Neely maintained his innocence despite the conviction.

Justice Turner adjourned the sentencing hearing to June 11 at 10am.

Mrs Major and other relatives of the 17-year-old victim were not present at yesterday’s proceedings. Enrico Major was killed weeks before his high school graduation. He was walking south on Baillou Hill Road near S C McPherson Junior High School when he was held up and stabbed in the back.


ThisIsOurs 5 years, 5 months ago

This young man needs to petition the AG and point out to her that there is CONFLICTING EVIDENCE IN THE CASE. Precedence has been set, it doesn't matter if a judge has already given their decision.


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