Murdered Man Had Been Shot Twice In Chest And Three Times In The Arm


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORENSIC pathologist Dr Caryn Sands told a Supreme Court jury yesterday that she recovered five bullets during an autopsy of a man that was murdered on a national holiday.

Dr Sands testified that from the examination she did on Francisco Hanna on July 12, 2011, Hanna’s cause of death came from the gun shot wounds he sustained to his torso and extremities.

Ormand Leon, 25, and Dennis Mather, 24, are on trial for the July 10 Independence Day fatal shooting of Hanna at Wilson Track.

Leon and Mather deny murdering Hanna and are respectively defended by Terrel Butler and Damian Whyte.

Darnell Dorsett is prosecuting the case.

In yesterday’s proceedings, Dr Sands said that Hanna was shot twice in the chest and three times in his right arm. She said there was no indication that he was shot at close range.

The first injury she explained was the wound on the left side of Hanna’s chest, between the fourth and fifth rib cages.

She said the bullet injured the sac around his heart causing extensive bleeding. The other bullet, she said, struck Hanna’s liver and also caused bleeding.

The remaining bullets were taken from the victim’s wrist and mid to upper right arm where the bones were fractured.

Dr Sands told the prosecutor that she could not say if Hanna had received the injuries to his arms from running, but she did note that Hanna had cuts and lacerations to other parts of his body. She also said that Hanna would have died from blood loss much sooner if his heart had been beating fast from intensive activity or an emotional state.

The lawyers for the accused men had no questions for this witness.

The trial resumes today before Justice Bernard Turner.

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