An Omen? Really?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

AN OMEN..... See this is part of our problem as a nation. In 2015, a national leader in our country is referring to a hurricane unbelievably as an omen and no one is correcting him or calling out this insanity!

Randford Patterson... Come on man... Let’s do better, sir. Just stop the madness that is dumbing down our population and hindering real progress... Just stop!

Hurricanes are an act of nature that have been affecting these parts for millions of years long before human beings came into existence much less inhabited the land. Let’s teach our people the truth and the wonders of science and nature please.

Furthermore if it was an omen why on earth would a God punish the southeastern islands that have virtually no crime for the evil ways of Nassauvians while New Providence remains absolutely untouched?

That’s not just ineffective execution... it’s downright sick and perverse. Why would you want to follow such a failed way of thinking and operating.... Stop the madness!

This is just irresponsible and borderline dangerous rhetoric that will be sure to keep The Bahamas in the dark ages.

No leader should speak like this nor endorse this garbage in 2015 as we desperately strive to grow as a country.

Patterson... DO BETTER!

It’s 2015.



November 19, 2015.


birdiestrachan 6 years, 5 months ago

Patterson can only keep those who do not know or serve the God Of Abraham in the dark. It is statements like his that causes persons in his position to lose credibility.


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