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I’VE been looking over at the crime issue over the years, there’s a major problem when the criminals become more brave and dangerous than the current ones here. Police are outdated in weapons, some training, intelligence work and time.

The RBDF? They’re fine, but they work at the seas. Since the entire chain of islands we’ve lived on, criminals have good hiding spots, but can be seen by officers with enough training, or drones circling the islands. But it doesn’t work? The gangs could find one officer just fine, but the combined slowness, and a lack of curfew of the Police and Defence Force has now completely made this look stupid on us.

There’s only one way to fix this, however.

The Private Military Companies, they’re something to this age. Working like the army, but getting paid. Popular in Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re on the smaller scale, but what makes them interesting. These companies are on the world market and are making money and in the private sector. Making war sound like the economy. Most troops were in the Army before joining their ranks. These guys came from even special forces such as the Navy Seals and the British SAS.

This system works under the police and military policies and can work under most or any conditions, even a wealthy man would get a few people over to his house to guard him, shipping companies in Somalia favour these guys. Spending over a trillion dollars, and these troops take in big, thousands of dollars over a few weeks or months.

Private Military Companies is supplied by other nations from financial backers. Using on training and equipment. They can follow under the government’s rules. Use civilians as guards if they were hired and be willing to take offensive action against criminals and terrorists, or mainly on their terms is to defend clients from any sort of danger. All of this could get one of the popular companies such as ArmorGroup or Academi to join up to fight against the crime problem.

But beware. These guys aren’t very cheap. They’re expensive, some soldiers get over ten thousand dollars in two months or more.

In The Bahamas’ case, the government will have to improve the private sector here before you can get one

security company, second. Even if the private sector was stable and there’s a PMC operation, the government would have to fund and suit their needs. That ain’t easy for most of the time.

Companies would aid the funding to keep them in.

Here’s the long-term advantage, earning their favours could help the training, get equipment, promote a stable and willing private sector, also to make the important point, making tourism not sound with fear, but with security once more.



September 30, 2015.


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