Second Group Of Migrants In Two Days Brought To Freeport


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TWENTY Cuban migrants were taken to Grand Bahama by the US Coast Guard and handed over to immigration authorities on Monday morning.

This is the second group of migrants brought to Freeport within the past two days.

According to reports, the migrants – all males – along with two dogs – were intercepted at sea in four separate interdictions in the area of Cay Sal Bank.

They were heading for Florida when spotted by the US Coast Guard, who brought them to the Freeport Harbour around 9am.

They were taken to the Department of Immigration headquarters for processing. On Tuesday, the migrants will be flown to New Providence where they will be detained at the Detention Centre to await repatriation.

On April 2, a group of 12 Cuban migrants - 10 men and two women - were brought to Grand Bahama after they were intercepted by the US Coast Guard near Anguilla Cay near Cay Sal Bank on March 31.


proudloudandfnm 4 years, 6 months ago

Why are we allowing the USA to bring migrants that are headed to the USA to our country?!?!?!?

It is time for our government to take a stand now. If a US Coast Guard ship comes here to drop off Cuban migrants we should not accept them. The USA is now in Cuba negotiating, doing business, cruise ships are on the way, US tourists are now flying into Cuba, the Cuban doors are open. Why are we being made to take this on? So just because they have to travel thru the Bahamas to get to the USA we should take them? We are morons. This Coast Guard cutter should have been told to continue on take your migrants to the USA or back to Cuba but do not bring them here....


Bahamaland 4 years, 6 months ago

Unfortunately international treaty agreements signed with the US probably dictates that they are brought back to The Bahamas once they are picked up in Bahamian waters.


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