Five Years On, Man Cleared Of Firearm Offence


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN was acquitted of a firearm offence yesterday more than five years after his initial arraignment concerning the crime.

Roderick Collie, 41, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt for a decision in his case concerning the March 3, 2011 seizure of a 9mm pistol at a bar off Carmichael Road.

Collie faced up to five years in prison if convicted of possession of an unlicensed firearm as he was arraigned before amendments were made to the Firearms Act, which raised the maximum penalty by two years.

Two officers testified in court that they saw Collie drop an object during a check of the establishment. However neither specifically said they saw a firearm.

They searched his home that was in the area of the bar, but nothing illegal was found.

Collie’s response was that many patrons were around at the time and fled the scene when the officers arrived. Collie said he did not flee and he said he had no reason to run from the police.

The weapon was not found on his person but in the vicinity of the stairs by the bar. The weapon was never dusted for prints.

Krysta Mason-Smith defended Collie while ASP Clifford Daxon prosecuted the matter.

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