Two Men In Hospital After Early Morning Shootings

TWO MEN are in hospital on Saturday, one in serious condition, after being shot at their homes in the early hours. Police are also investigating two other armed robberies involving knives.

Three of the four incidents took place in a two-hour period early on Saturday morning.

Shortly before 2am, a man and a woman pulled up at their home at Pink Pearl Drive, Coral Vista Harbour, when they were approached by two men with a handgun who robbed them of a white 2007 Lexus licence number 317240. The assailants shot the man before speeding off in the vehicle. The victim was transported to hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

Two hours later, a man with a handgun broke into a home at Ruby Street, off West Bay Street, where he shot a male resident before fleeing on foot. The victim was transported to hospital where he remains in serious condition.

Around the same time a man had just pulled up to his home in his vehicle at Brandon Court, off Jack Fish Street, when two men with a handgun and a knife approached and robbed him of cash before fleeing on foot.

Shortly before 9am on Friday, a woman standing outside her home at Hill Crest Drive, off Blue Hill Road, was approached by a man with a knife who robbed her of cash before fleeing on foot.

Police are investigating all of these incidents.


TalRussell 3 years, 3 months ago

Comrades we're talking about scary things such as which occurred in the morning's early hours. Forget about victims of crime being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is nothing wrong about returning to your own damn home at 2 am, or to be standing in front your own damn residence at the time of 9 am, only to be shot or confronted by thugs.
I was recently told about members of a church's congregation that were pick pocketed at a Sunday morning church service.
Comrades Prime Minister, Cabinet members & Commish of Policeman's, how do you plan on going about sending a message to citizens, residents and our guests - that its not smart to be think you and your loved-ones are safe behind your locked doors. That it's no longer safe from armed thugs to dare to stand in front a residence during broad daylight?
Comrades, I know of a growing number of citizens and residents who have already began perpetration's to move out and away from Nassau Town, or to exit the Bahamaland.
You tell me, if the government and the policeman's cannot stand up to the thugs, how can the people be expected to do what their government, policeman's and politicians, are incapable of doing?
But let a law abiding citizen or resident be caught with a gun and their backsides will be quickly arrested, charged and sent up to Fox Hill Prison and all in record time?


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