Meditation: Achieving Your Purpose

By Rev Angela C

Bosfield Palacious

EACH one of us has gifts given by God and work to do in the Kingdom. For some persons it is a life work that lasts a lifetime. For others, they may have different times and seasons when they are engaged in various activities which are a passion for that period.

We all need to be engaged in something that truly grips us and galvanizes our attention. What gives you a sense of satisfaction or fulfilment? Have you found something that you identify as your purpose? Once you have settled on something, or it seems to have settled on you, the next step is to work to achieve it:

  1. Pray for discernment to know the right timing, direction and approach.

  2. Study to gain as much knowledge using books and observation.

  3. Select a mentor (or several) who is engaged in the activity and learn from them.

  4. Share with the like-minded people some of your ideas as the Lord leads you to do.

  5. Live the dream wherever possible, even if you volunteer your time.

  6. Gain as much experience as possible

  7. Prepare yourself and begin when you are given the signal by the Holy Spirit

The Lord may lead you to plan a strategy so that you take the first step before it seems that you can see your goal being realized at all. Like the priest who stepped into the river before the flowing ceased, enabling the children of Israel to cross on dry land, you may be called to step out in faith.

You may need to have a fasting circle like Esther, or a full-time role model like Elijah was for Elisha. You may even have to be on the run like David if God is placing you where others will be jealous, envious or resentful. More than likely, you will have to wait for the fullness of time which may be a long time in coming, or for God to get tired of rebelliousness and remove the obstacles dramatically.

Test the spirit as you go along to see if it is the Holy Spirit guiding you or another kind. How do you feel? What are you thinking? What feedback are you getting? Do you have any support? Is this a wilderness experience? Do you spend time in prayer?

Become adept at overcoming obstacles:

  1. Like Nehemiah, stay focused on your task.

  2. Know when to ponder things in your heart like Mary, the mother of our Lord.

  3. Know whom to trust like David trusted Jonathan, even though Saul was Jonathan’s father.

  4. Choose carefully to whom you will listen, like the magi after they saw the baby Jesus.

  5. Prioritise and decline distracting invitations.

  6. Remember that it is God Almighty who calls, equips and sends rather than disqualifying or discouraging yourself by concentrating on your age, race, gender, class or level of education.

Bear in mind that your purpose serves a larger purpose that may not be easy to see. Recall stories of those who sowed, watered or weeded either in the limelight, or in obscurity, but all enabling the dream to be realized.

It is wonderful to be special as we all are. It is exciting to be gifted, as we all are. It is exhilarating to be called to service, as we all have been. Some of us have discovered our passion and purpose, some have denied or rejected, and others have no idea of their tremendous worth and value to God.

May it always be your joy to love, worship and serve the God who loves you with an everlasting love. Give your best back to the God who gave the best (Jesus Christ) to you.


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