Olympic Games: Shaunae Reaches 400m Final, Barry And Thomas In High Jump Final

Jamaal Wilson in action in Rio. (AP)

Jamaal Wilson in action in Rio. (AP)

11.00pm: Here's a look at the Bahamians in action at the 2016 Olympic Games over the next few days:

Monday, August 12

Olympic Stadium

8:30 am EST - Leevan Sands, ninth competitor in Group A, men's triple jump qualifying round.

8:30 am EST - Latario Collie, 21st competitor in Group B, men's triple jump qualifying round.

8:36 am EST - Ty'Nia Gaither, heat two, lane six, women's 200m heats.

8:54 am EST - Anthonique Strachan, heat five, lane one, women's 200m heats.

9:06 am EST - Sheniqua Ferguson, heat seven, lane seven, women's 200m heats.

10:35 am EST - Jeffery Gibson, heat one, lane six, men's 400m hurdles heats.

9:45 pm EST - Women's 400m final.

Tuesday, Auguast 16

Olympic Stadium

8:50 pm - Men's Triple jump final.

10:05 am EST - Pedrya Seymour, women's 100m hurdles heats.

10:50 am EST - Shavez Hart, Demetrius Pinder and Teray Smith, men's 200m heats.

7:30 pm EST - Trevor and Donald Thomas at No.10 and No.13 respectively in the men's high jump final.

8:05 pm EST - Bianca Stuart - Women's long jump qualifying.

9 pm - Women's 200m semi-final.

Wednesday, August 17

Olympic Stadium

7:45 pm EST - women's 100m hurdles semi-final.

8:15 pm - Women's long jump final.

9 pm EST - Men's 200m semi-final

9:30 pm - Women's 200m final.

9:53 pm - Women's 100m hurdles final.

Thursday, August 18

Olympic Stadium

11 am - Men's 400m hurdles final.

9:30 pm Men's 200m final.

Friday, August 19

Olympic Stadium

7:40 pm EST - Women's 4 x 400m relay preliminaries.

8:10 pm EST - Men's 4 x 400m relay preliminaries.

Saturday, August 20

Olympic Stadium

9 pm - Women's 4 x 400m relay final.

9:35 pm - Men's 4 x 400m relay final.

10.20pm: Trevor Barry and Donald Thomas qualify for the Wednesday's high jump final after clearing 2.29.

9.50pm: Trevor Barry has jumped a season's best of 2.29 on his third attempt. Donald Thomas has jumped the same height on his second attempt, but Jamaal Wilson has bowed out after three tries.

9.18pm: Trevor Barry and Donald Thomas clear 2.26 on their second attempt. Jamal Wilson doesn't make it - but has one more chance.

9.10pm: All three high jumpers have been unable to get over 2.26 on their first attempt.

8.52pm: Trevor Barry doesn't manage to clear the bar on his first attempt at 2.26.

8.50pm: As it stands, all three Bahamian high jumpers are sitting on 2.22 after two jumps. So far, so good.

8.20pm: Trevor Barry and Jamal Wilson have cleared 2.22 in the high jump. Donald Thomas has cleared 2.17 - and will jump again shortly.

7.55pm: Trevor Barry clears 2.17 in his first jump in the high jump qualifying round group A.

7.50pm: Shaunae Miller qualifies for tomorrow's final - finishing in second place with 49.91 - behind Allyson Felix who had a season's best of 49.67.

7.40pm: Heat three is coming up soon - Shaunae will be in competition with the USA's Allyson Felix.

7.30pm: Tonight in Rio sees Shaunae Miller compete in the women's 400m semifinals - heat three, lane four - and Donald Thomas, Trevor Barry and Jamal Wilson in high jump qualification.


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