Fnm Set To Ratify Family Island Candidates

Sidney Collie, the new FNM chairman.

Sidney Collie, the new FNM chairman.


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THE Free National Movement (FNM) is nearing the completion of its 2017 general election campaign lineup, with party Chairman Sidney Collie telling The Tribune on Friday that the organisation expects to ratify several Family Island candidates in the coming weeks.

Although three constituencies in New Providence remain without candidates - Killarney, Yamacraw and St Anne’s - Mr Collie said the FNM has now set its sights on the Family Islands.

“Next on the agenda is North Abaco along with South and Central Abaco, Central and South Eleuthera, North Eleuthera and Exuma,” Mr Collie told The Tribune. "Once we complete those we will return to Grand Bahama.”

Asked about the candidates for the remaining constituencies in the capital, which include Killarney - party leader Dr Hubert Minnis’ constituency - Mr Collie said the leader’s seat is always the last to be ratified. As for the other two, Mr Collie said the “potential candidates are ready but have employment issues to resolve”.

Last month the party ratified three candidates, including radio talk show host and attorney Jeff Lloyd, for South Beach, founder of the Public Transit Association Reuben Rahming, for Pinewood Gardens, and Bamboo Town MP Renward Wells for the same constituency.

It was at this same event that some of the party’s Pinewood Gardens Constituency Association protested the FNM’s choice of Mr Rahming, donning florescent orange signs and placards. These signs bashed Dr Minnis and strongly denounced Mr Rahming.

They strongly supported talk show host Lincoln Bain and claimed that despite assurances from Dr Minnis that he would be ratified to run for the seat, Mr Rahming was chosen.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 11 months ago

Will Collie & Minnis seek to do in the Family Islands what they have done in Nassau?????? ....... Push their "favorites" against the popular wishes of the constituents???? ......... Long Island is already burdened with Loretta Turner again ........ Who are they (FNM executives) listening to in order to make their choices???? ........ In Long Island, they surely did not take a credible poll of the constituents on the selection of LBT ...... she may win but she is not the people's choice (again) .......... she has lost her zest and shine on the ground .............. should citizens be burdened with an unpopular MP?????? ...... It is time for constitutional reform on this issue


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