Tiger Woods

EDITOR, The Tribune.

HISTORY could be written in The Bahamas this weekend as Tiger Eldrick Woods resumes his playing career at the Hero’s Challenge, hosted by the Albany Resort. He could not have chosen a better place and the Sporting world is buzzing with anticipation as to what may happen.

The questions of physical and mental readiness are all in the background as Mr Woods embraces what may be the greatest challenge of his playing career. The fact that his playing ability has given away to the struggles of human mortality has not diminished his expectations or those who have watched him for the past thirty years and what many expect to see is not a “new” Tiger Woods, but a Tiger Woods who has now stepped forward  to play the game as only he has played the game.

However, forty is a time of transition and he will have to do what theologians do and “go back to the basics”, when things seem tough. He will go back to the basics  of just getting the ball in play and since he is still smarter that most players, his age and experience are the real tools he has as his in his bag.

The old folks used to tell us that it is wisdom that allows you to act your age and that the only contribution your shoe size offers to us is the ability to enjoy what we do and be courageous.

Golf like life can be squeezed down to 95 per cent observation and 5 per cent common sense.

Hopefully, the Isles of June gives him the clarity of perspective and perception he needs, so that in the words of my friend Jackson Burnside, “he knows what he is looking at”.

(Life long fan of Tiger Woods)



December 1, 2016.


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