Club Med Adds New Miami Flight


Tribune Business Reporter


Club Med yesterday confirmed guests that its San Salvador resort reopened on January 31, with major repairs to the ‘extensive damage’ caused by Hurricane Joaquin completed in less than three months.

The resort operator, in a statement sent to Tribune Business, said the property was now receiving guests via a new non-stop flight on American Airlines from Miami twice weekly.

“Club Med Columbus Isle suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Joaquin, including damage to the two restaurants, guest rooms, beach bar, sailing facility, landscaping and common areas. The airport terminal facility and many homes on the island were also heavily impacted,” the resort chain said.

“Immediately after the storm, Club Med worked quickly to support their employees and met with the Government to assess the damage and put together a plan to immediately begin the restoration of the resort and the airport.

“They made the major repairs the resort in less than three months. Club Med guests began arriving on January 31, including a new non-stop flights on American Airlines from Miami twice weekly.”

Club Med told Tribune Business last October that it had been forced to push-back its reopening to allow for Hurricane Joaquin repairs. Apart from damage to the hotel itself, Club Med indicated at that time that the devastation inflicted on San Salvador’s airport, utilities and communications infrastructure also played a role in its postponement decision.

No guests were present at Club Med when Joaquin hit because it was in its annual closed period. Just a few staff and suppliers were on-site, and none were injured in the storm.

Club Med is the largest private sector asset to be directly impacted by Joaquin.


John 4 years, 7 months ago

Flights from all parts of the US mainland are expected to begin in a matter of months. Even though it is still illegal for US citizens to visit Cuba, some 110 daily flights from the US to Cuba are expected by summer. What effect will this have on the Bahamas, especially persons that come here on their way to Cuba?


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