One Dead, Four Injured After Shootings

THE Bahamas recorded its first murder of the new year just 26 hours into 2016 when a man was shot dead outside a bar in Nassau.

Police report that four others are in hospital after three separate shooting incidents over Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Shortly before 2am on Saturday, a group was standing outside a local bar on Kemp and Wulff Roads when three men with firearms approached and fired several shots at them before fleeing in a white vehicle. A man was pronounced dead on the scene and a woman was taken to hospital, where she remains in stable condition.

Earlier, at 7pm on Friday, a man was sitting in a vehicle parked in front of a home on Plantol Street talking to another man, when a man with a handgun approached and shot both of them before fleeing. The victims were transported to hospital where they remain in stable condition.

Then, shortly after 9pm, a man was walking through a track road in Bel-Air Estates off Carmichael Road when he was shot. The victim was taken to hospital and is also in stable condition.


Honestman 4 years, 3 months ago

Same old sh*t. Seems like the murdering underclass don't operate to a calendar. So given government's clueless approach to fighting serious crime we can expect another murder record in 2016. But don't call it a record 'cause Nottage don't like that word.


flyingscot 2 years, 11 months ago

Time for vigilante justice or mercenaries hired to face criminals. The problem is far worse than government will ever admit. If they deny there is problem, there is nothing they are required to do. Problem solved from their perspective. It's not like they will ever be a victim of crime from their perch on that pedestal with protection provided thanks to other people's money. Until the tourism industry is effectively killed off by crime, nothing will change.


John 4 years, 3 months ago

While the murder count started over (from zero), the murder rate continues at what is was in December 2015. During the last days of Fecember the country was averaging one murder every two days. Thus far for January 3016, there has been a murder every day for a count of three. This is unsettling . Beyond scary. Governmet needs to meet with its spiritual advisers and advise the country accordingly. It will obviously get worse before it gets better. It is not politics it is national security. The government has the responsibility to keep its citizens and visitors safe. There needs to be some intervention before the police has to yellow tape the crime scene. "If my people, who are called by my name, (Bahamians are Christians) shall humble themselves and pray, then shall I hear from heaven and heal their land". The watchmen (police included) who watches the city without God does so in vain.


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