'Petty' Minnis Blasted By Cash Over Committee Changes

Dr Hubert Minnis

Dr Hubert Minnis


Tribune News Editor


FORMER Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Darron Cash has accused party leader Dr Hubert Minnis of removing two people from the FNM’s Executive Committee, which he alleged was done “for the purpose of adding a few more votes at convention”.

In a scathing statement released to The Tribune yesterday, the former senator accused Dr Minnis of being “petty” and “vindictive,” saying the Killarney MP does not want those who have opposing views around him.

Mr Cash said he has also heard rumours that he too was going to be removed from the FNM’s Executive Committee. He said while this has not been confirmed, he would not be surprised if it happened.

Dr Minnis could not be reached for comment yesterday and FNM Chairman Sidney Collie would not confirm or deny the allegations when contacted.

“I have heard about and read the reports on social media regarding the possibility of my removal from the Executive Committee by Hubert Minnis,” Mr Cash said in his statement. “While I have not received any confirmation to that effect from the ‘leader’ it would not surprise me if he did such a thing.

“It is a classic Hubert Minnis move. I am aware that he has in fact removed two other persons whom he appointed to the Executive Committee, specifically for the purpose of adding a few more votes at convention.”

He added: “For a leader who won by a substantial margin in the last (convention), this latest ... act is the act of a desperate person who is determined to cling to power by any means necessary. It is a mark of a small minded and petty person, never mind that last week Wednesday he was preaching about party unity.

“I am glad he is taking this kind of action and that he has publicly announced his intention to do so to his campaign team. His small mindedness and vindictiveness are now being revealed to the wider FNM membership. It is the main reason why the FNM is so fractured today. He wants no one around him who opposes his views.”

Mr Cash also noted that the last time former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham spoke publicly, it was to express his disappointment that Dr Minnis did not appoint Dr Duane Sands to the Senate earlier, despite the former FNM leader’s recommendations to do so over the past four years.

“Petty, spiteful and vindictive will be the words that remain to describe Hubert Minnis long after he is gone from FNM politics,” Mr Cash added.

The allegations are the latest to emerge from the FNM, a party that has been dogged with infighting and tension over the past few years, with some dissatisfied with Dr Minnis’ leadership.

An early convention date was set after six out of 10 FNM members of Parliament threatened to have Dr Minnis removed as leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament by way of a petition to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling. The November convention was pushed up to July 27-29.

Last Wednesday, Dr Minnis and his rival, Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner, both launched their campaigns at separate events. While Dr Minnis had the largest crowd, Mrs Butler-Turner had the most support from present and former FNM parliamentarians and senators.

Speaking to reporters after her event, former FNM Leader Tommy Turnquest said he does not believe Dr Hubert Minnis has the “leadership ability” or the “personality” to defeat the current administration in the next general election.

Mr Turnquest, who has endorsed Mrs Butler-Turner and her running mate for deputy Dr Sands, also said Dr Minnis has underutilised the talent in the FNM and he is unable to deal with “free thinking people.”

However Dr Minnis has received staunch support from others like former FNM Cabinet minister Tennyson Wells and Maurice Moore, considered by some to be one of the FNM’s founding fathers.

Last week, Mr Moore said he is frightened by the idea of Mrs Butler-Turner and Dr Sands leading this country, saying the two are inexperienced.


Publius 4 years, 9 months ago

“While I have not received any confirmation to that effect from the ‘leader’ it would not surprise me if he did such a thing.

Then why are you issuing a statement to the media on something you say you do not even know is true? These FNMs, regardless of the side they are on, simply will not stop. How hard is it for Cash to get confirmation from Minnis on this and handle the matter internally? This is not the public's business or concern. We have no say in who parties put on their internal committees and those choices have no baring on public policy or public life, so why run to the public with these internal party matters? It's no wonder that Bahamians throughout this country are disgusted with these parties to the extent of not being interested in voting at all.


prosperity1914 4 years, 9 months ago

The part where he said that two members of the committee had already been removed went right over your head I guess. It is the public's business as to the actions or inactions of those who seek to lead us.


Publius 4 years, 9 months ago

I guess

When you become certain, try again.


TalRussell 4 years, 9 months ago

Comrades! Why in the hell hasn't the Red Shirts Movement's Council, not long ago expelled the shi@ stirring "Pancake Face" Darron's membership? Shouldn't have been difficult considering every single red I have spoken with think he's an self-serving complete ass.
Had he tried this foolishness on Papa Hubert, his Pancake Face, would've long ago have been imprinted permanently on one them "closed glass" Mackey Street headquarters windows.
So much for if you're still one of the handful buying into promises by the gang of six and their monies backers, that even if Loretta is defeated, and for the third time at the July 27-29,2016 convention, peace among all, will be quickly restored?
What a load of red crap they're peddling via this hereto Tribune. Comrades these people are not out to just defeat Minnis. They want to burn him at the red stakes, in public.
But they have done all but erased any memory of Comrade Cecil from the red shirts movement.
Maybe it is do or die time for Minnis to erase Papa Hubert from the red party and take the gang of six, with him back to Cooper's Town? ?


proudloudandfnm 4 years, 9 months ago

Point of fact. Minnis may have had a larger crowd on site but Turner used technology to reach more Bahamians thru live streaming.

LBT made a superior choice and got superior results. She had over 1000 viewers online alone...


Publius 4 years, 9 months ago

Superior results? Only the vote of the delegates can determine what results any of these contenders have. These contenders are behaving as though this is a general election that they are competing in.


licks2 4 years, 9 months ago

On the WWW . . .this the Bahamas. . .we don't count yinna that much. . .some of us. . .like me did not even watch yinna on TV! I were thinking in the mean that the parties were for yinna red shirts them . .not us! Don't fool ya self. . .yinna had 1000 hits out of 7 billion possible hits around the world!! Lol!


TalRussell 4 years, 9 months ago

Comrade Publius, you are so right that it's the July 27-29, 2016 convention delegates alone who will decide the red party's leadership.
Neither Loretta and her running-mate sidekick Duane, nor Minnis should have held general elections style campaign rallies. Both wasted funds that could be better used to fight the 2017 General.
Unfortunately, after the votes are counted, only Minnis, or Loretta and Duane will be left standing to contest the 2017 General, under the red shirts movement's colours.


Well_mudda_take_sic 4 years, 9 months ago

FNM government would be no different than PLP government as we have seen time and time again. In fact, a FNM government led by Minnis as PM would be tyranny and anarchy at its worse for the Bahamian people. The DNA under McCartney is a non-starter for too many reasons to elaborate on here. If a reputable competent independent candidate is running in your constituency come the next election, you would be wise to vote for him or her. Otherwise it would be better to just stay at home and not vote at all. We need to take our country back from the type of politics practiced by the PLP and FNM alike; the politicians of yesterday are all about themselves and their elitist political friends and business cronies.....they could not care less about the Bahamian people!


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