Fnm 'Has Raised The Money To Fund Convention'

Sidney Collie, the new FNM chairman.

Sidney Collie, the new FNM chairman.


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE FREE NATIONAL Movement (FNM) has raised all of the money they needed to fund the party's national convention next week, chairman Sidney Collie said on Friday.

Mr Collie told The Tribune the finance committee had received a "substantial payment" on Thursday evening and he has also been informed that Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner has paid the remainder of her outstanding balance.

Leadership challenger Mrs Butler-Turner and incumbent Leader Dr Hubert Minnis were each asked to raise $100,000 to fund the FNM’s national convention on July 27 to 29. The convention is estimated to cost the party $350,000, with the party’s finance committee tasked with raising the remaining $150,000.

As of Wednesday, Dr Minnis had paid in full, Mrs Butler-Turner had only paid half and the finance committee had contributed $50,000. Mrs Butler-Turner told The Tribune on Thursday she was hesitant to pay the remaining balance because she has questions about "transparency and accountability".

However, Mr Collie said he met Mrs Butler-Turner on Thursday night and, as far as he is concerned, "the problems have been ironed out".

"We got a substantial payment from the finance committee and I have been told Mrs Butler-Turner has paid her balance but I am still confirming. So if that is the case, we are only about $10,000 or $5,000 short of our $350,000 goal, which we can get by next week," Mr Collie said.

"I met with Mrs Butler-Turner and she put her concerns forward. She and I had a long conversation and she promised to send me an email with her concerns. I took the concerns to the finance committee and went through them one by one. If she has any other issues, she is not a deep freeze, so I am sure if there was anything else she would have said. But from where I sit it is all good."

Mr Collie said Dr Minnis is expected to have a major rally on Tuesday, before the convention opens the following day.

He said nominations for the party’s top five positions will remain open until the last night of the convention.

So far, only Dr Minnis and Mrs Butler-Turner have announced that they are vying for leader, while Dr Duane Sands will challenge East Grand Bahama MP Peter Turnquest for his deputy leader post.

It has been speculated that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham will return to frontline politics and vie for leader of the party. However, many within the FNM have dismissed the assertion as nothing but a rumour.

The theme for this year’s convention is “Because You Matter” and is scheduled for three days at the Melià Nassau Beach Resort, Cable Beach.

Mr Collie said evening sessions begin at 8pm and are open to the public. The convention will also be carried live on Our TV, ZNS TV, ZNS Radio, Peace FM and Star FM. It will also be streamed live on Facebook.


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 years, 2 months ago

Sidney Collie has always put his own personal financial interests above all else and is well known for not paying his bills and taxes. This old corrupt political dinosaur only knows how to peddle what little political influence he has left for his own personal benefit and has never cared one iota about the interests of the Bahamian people. Hubert Ingraham spent 15 years at the helm of our country and his failed policies, greed, corruption and cronyism, like Christie's, has greatly contributed to the sad state of affairs most Bahamians find themselves in today. Minnis and LBT are no different than Ingraham and Christie - correction - Minnis is ten times worse than Ingraham, Christie or LBT could ever be when it comes to Minnis's incompetence, dishonesty and many other severe character flaws! Bahamians should vote for the independent candidate running in their constituency in the next general election (assuming the independent candidate is reputable, honest and literate) or not vote at all. The old political dinosaurs and everyone associated with them and/or the governing apparatus of their self serving political parties, whether FNM, PLP or DNA, must be made extinct; otherwise our country will descend into the abysmal depths of a failed state with unimaginable hardship consequences for all of us. It's now really as simple as that. We must all do whatever we can to avoid the Bahamas becoming the next Venezuela in our sphere of the world!


licks2 3 years, 2 months ago

So I take it that you "know" that LBT will not be successful at the convention. . .the answer is written all over ya post. . . sounds like a scorched earth policy from someone who lost and is too self-absorbed to "conform" to humbling under a person or thing that they consider "below" them/their station. . . or just plain jealous! It is not that serious. . .the power in the FNM is not Doc, LBT or Papa. . .the TEAM is king. . .that's what has been "kicking yinna FNM hips". . .some of yinna. . .and I suspect you as well have decided that come hell or high water yall will not submit to Doc as leader. No matter. . .he has made it into the "high road" with the people. . .WE MAKE GOVERNMENTS! Now don't reply that you love this nation. . .IT APPEARS THAT THE NATION CAN BURN TO HELL. . .YOU JUST HATE DOC AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO BLOCK HIM!! Now I could be very wrong about you. . .but that's the way you come across. . .ALL DURING YALL CAMPAIGN ON THIS SITE. . .PURE POISON AND HATE!


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