Summer Camp Creations To Go On Show


CREATIVE art pieces, decorative home accessories, useful goods, and treats - all created by Bahamian children who participated in summer camps sponsored by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture - will be on display at Superclubs Breezes tomorrow morning.

A tour of some of the summer camps this year proved fruitful for Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Dr Daniel Johnson, who was amazed at the accomplishments of the children over the past few weeks.

Enterprising students made the best out of their summer by learning skills that will aid them in becoming entrepreneurs, or even just inspire them to see their worth.

One of the most moving visits was made to the Mega Mergers apprenticeship programme, where young men and women turned what would be considered trash into valuable items fit for sale. Candis Marshall guided the children in learning how to make a variety of items including: purses and apparel made from tyre inner tubes; children’s playpens and storage containers made from tyres; mirrors and other household decorative items made using plastic spoons, and the like.

Dr Johnson was also impressedby the woodwork shop at R M Bailey High School, where summer students took wood from palettes, which would normally be rejected, treat it for the weather and bugs, and then turn them into functional pieces. Students made bar counters, wine racks, patio furniture, piggy banks, and tables. Principal of the school Collin Johnson says his doors are always open to assist the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture with creating avenues for young people to become enterprising.

Lorraine Smith led her crew of summer students in the art of upholstery, where the kids made a variety of cushions and also had a chance to cover valuable pieces of furniture.

Jameel Lightbourne showed a crew of apprentice bakers how to make delicious treats and they were able to sell their goods and create a return for themselves. Christopher Roberts held down a strong team of young men and turned them into skilled barbers over the summer. Veronique Cardoza helped young ladies gain meaningful skills in hair and beauty that could earn each of the students a living in the future.

Jason Williams spent the summer teaching kids how to mould tables, chairs and even kitchen sinks from fibreglass. The kids learned chemistry as they mixed compounds to turn the fibreglass into usable works of art.

The culture division had a thriving summer class where children learned how to play rake n’ scrape and Junkanoo, while being exposed to folk songs and dance.

Dr Johnson’s tour closed with visits to the sporting camps in his Carmichael constituency. The Carmichael Community Centre became the home to dozens of young tennis, soccer, and volleyball players, as well as boxing, judo and jujitsu competitors. The centre also hosted a successful basketball tournament to provide an outlet for the many young men in the area. The kids will be given tickets to watch the Jamaica v Haiti soccer match at the National Stadium on Friday evening to get a glimpse of competition at a higher level.

The public can view what the summer students produced and to purchase some of their goods at the trade show at Superclubs Breezes on Friday from 9am to1pm.


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