Roberts: FNM trying to deflect from their own corruption


Bradley Roberts


Tribune Staff Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts has hit out at Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis’ “pathetic attempt” to “throw mud” at the PLP, charging that the Killarney MP’s “empty rhetoric” is nothing but “deflection and political bluster” from the FNM’s own issues of corruption.

Mr Roberts, in a statement on Wednesday night, said Dr Minnis’ critique of the government shows “just how desperate the Official Opposition has become.” He said as a “visionless and disconnected leader of the fragmented FNM,” Dr Minnis “should be the last person to talk about fighting corruption as the facts clearly show the FNM as an organisation that seems to encourage and justify corruption.”

Mr Roberts’ statement was in response to remarks Dr Minnis made during the first night of the FNM’s convention at the Melià Nassau Beach hotel on Wednesday.

According to Mr Roberts’ statement, in his speech, Dr Minnis attempted to “throw mud” at the Christie administration, not just for its alleged corruption, but also its “failures” in a number of areas, including unemployment, government spending, and the advancement of education.

However, Mr Roberts said Dr Minnis’ statements were “much like his style of leading his party--lackluster and laughable and an eerie reminder of the poor and sorry state his FNM left this country in just four years ago.”

“As a visionless and disconnected leader of the fragmented FNM, Dr Minnis should be the last person to talk about fighting corruption as the facts clearly show the FNM as an organisation seems to encourage and justify corruption,” Mr Roberts said.

To drive home his point, Mr Roberts referred to three scandals in the opposition party, starting with the recent conviction of former FNM Senator John Bostwick on criminal ammunition possession, as well as the recent resignation of former FNM Senator and Chairman Michael Pintard for the role he allegedly played in uncovering the alleged Peter Nygard “murder for hire” plot.

Mr Roberts also pointed to the recent conviction and subsequent fining of former FNM parliamentary candidate for Fox Hill Fred Ramsey for his involvement in the Alstom SA/Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) bribery scandal.

“To this day, Dr Minnis still has not explained how the decision of the FNM appointed board was overturned by the FNM Cabinet,” Mr Roberts said.

Mr Roberts also defended the PLP’s track record on its spending habits, as well as the government’s strides in the advancement of education in the country.

“The FNM delivered debt,” Mr Roberts said. “They delivered corruption. They delivered to us a country that was weak and we are working on behalf of the Bahamian people to lead this country to a stronger and more prosperous future.”


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