Pm Says Nation Must Change To Keep Up With Rest Of World


Tribune Staff Reporter


PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday that it has become increasingly clear that The Bahamas must undergo a series of self-examination processes to achieve higher global standards.

As a part of his clarion call to the nation to adhere to the proposals being developed by the National Development Planning Unit, Mr Christie said The Bahamas must come to grips with the “great deal of heavy lifting” yet to be done as the country continues to move forward.

The Centreville MP, who was speaking at the opening of the Inter-American Development Bank’s joint national development plan seminar, said the only way to improve the Bahamas’ current position would be through true self-analysis in the public and private sector.

He suggested that modern times present the need for governments to be more transparent in their operations.

“Particularly at a time in The Bahamas where we are faced with complex issues and increasingly so, where the absolute necessity for understanding what is happening in the outside world is even more profoundly important than it has ever been before in our history and where the challenges of government have been able to be ignored by not having them confront you,” said Mr Christie.

He added: “If we do not make a number of changes now, that divide will widen and we will be left behind and many of our citizens will feel even more marginalised. So there is this compelling urgency of making decisions now that are important to The Bahamas. There is a small window of opportunity to make some very hard choices and key changes. All changes take courage in government particularly as you approach general elections.

“The accountability, whether at my level, the ministerial level, the permanent secretary level; accountability is important. Knowing and having the capacity to do the job is critical. And you must clearly be able to meet the standard that is so vitally important today.”

As proposed, the Vision2040 National Development Plan would address systematic flaws that exist in both the public and private sector, aiming to, for the first time, drive social, economical, environmental and governmental reform from a national, non-partisan platform.

Mr Christie said the plan once implemented would give successive administrations something to aspire to.

Crime and poverty

Addressing crime through the prism of the 2040 plan, Mr Christie said the future of the fight against crime must be built around programmes crafted and maintained by data.

“Lives are extinguished with an unimaginable degree of callousness,” he said. “Good, up to date data is essential if we are to understand the root causes of crime.”

Mr Christie said the value of information is key to combating the criminal element as it presents platforms to both measure and manages programmes and procedures.

“When the data suggests that a programme is not working let us discontinue that programme and redirect resources towards effective interventions. We have seen the importance of data driven solutions to those agencies fighting crimes, but it is not just limited to these agencies, data is vital to all government agencies,” he added.

“We can address crime and the fear of crime through innovative, data driven programmes guided by clear, well executed strategies leveraging the best technology as we move to a smarter Bahamas.”

Touching on the issue of poverty, Mr Christie described it as a circumstance that “robs” the Bahamian society of the potential of the human spirit and “blights” communities.

He cited statistics released in 2014 that show that 43,000 persons or 12.8 per cent of the population live in poverty. Of this figure, roughly 20 per cent are estimated to be children.

“This is probably the most critical point in our country,” he said.

According to Mr Christie, scores of Bahamians that now find themselves in poverty have now lost the will to move out of it.

“Today, all too often we have become hostage to poverty and the incentive to escape from it have been dulled and the will of people have been sapped. And so governments therefore have more and more been designing and devising interventions into people’s lives to provide a connection point to survive it – unemployment, homelessness – all of the social interventions that have been introduced.”

He also launched what he termed a 30-day challenge of public service innovation.

He challenged public service employees to submit ideas that could either strengthen existing services, improve an existing programme, propose a new programme or policy that could improve the lives of the citizens and residents that they serve daily.

Director of Economic Development and Planning in the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle said the Vision 20140 plan is expected to be concluded in the coming weeks at which time it would be presented to the public for review.

Following the review process, the document will be reformatted to reflect any necessary changes and then advanced to Cabinet for review and then, if all goes well, implemented as a national plan in part or in full.


Hogfish 2 years, 11 months ago

if your wutless fatass would stop tiefin from the peoples money to feed only yours yellow shirt wearing friends and family and invests the money in EDUCATION for our youths to help them grow instead of keeping them dumb enough to believe you actually doing anything for them instead just giving out microwave, envelope and t-shirt in election time. Carry ya stink ass!!


realfreethinker 2 years, 11 months ago

Nothing but a piece of trash.The country must change you and your corrupt band of merry men in order to move forward You f@%ing turd. Go f%k yourself punk.


Well_mudda_take_sic 2 years, 11 months ago

We don't want what's good for the global community made up of the corrupt political elite and their "favoured" cronies. We want what's good for us - the Bahamian people - you corrupt SOB!


TruePeople 2 years, 10 months ago

Exactly, dese clown need to stop talk about 'keep up with the world' when they don't even know that the G8 world Leaders are really doing. G8 -> G20 -> thirdworld --- There are obviously levels to national oppression. In the 70's they was double talking about independence (Queen still our head of state though) and nah they talking about submit and follow more (because they is be bungying the Chinese?!?!?) Chuh! country is sinking literally and metaphorically, it probably don't even matter in the long run.



Economist 2 years, 11 months ago

"The Centreville MP, who was speaking at the opening of the Inter-American Development Bank’s joint national development plan seminar, said the only way to improve the Bahamas’ current position would be through true self-analysis in the public and private sector."

He said that to please the IDB. He needs them to think he is doing something to help the economy. They are probably paying for the work done on this.


Greentea 2 years, 10 months ago

but isnt he the "Farm Road" MP?


SP 2 years, 11 months ago

...............PM says "Nation Must Change To Keep Up With Rest Of World"?? .................

This dumb jackass has always been nothing but "TALK"!

His ignorant government still harassing tourist and Bahamians for possession of a "joint" while Jamaica has joined scores of countries and US states that legalized and regulated weed and developed medical marijuana industry that will add mega millions to their GDP.

Jamaica is now capitalizing on weed for tourist by installing weed dispensing kiosks in airports!


This jackass we have for PM has been making useless speeches for decades but haven't done anything with sense to date and NOBODY expects anything different from him.

SHUT UP JACKASS Christie.....We can't wait to see the back of you!


licks2 2 years, 11 months ago



ThisIsOurs 2 years, 10 months ago

How about we start with something simple like outdoor toilets, solar energy a reliable power supply and road maintenance crews trained not to hack grass to death. That should be sufficient "catching up" work till at least 2017.


ThisIsOurs 2 years, 10 months ago

"He cited statistics released in 2014 that show that 43,000 persons or 12.8 per cent of the population live in poverty. Of this figure, roughly 20 per cent are estimated to be children."

These politicians simply do not care about Bahamians at large, as far as they're concerned, you breathing right? What you complaining about? Some people dead.

How they look in the mirror after accepting gifts of millions to give contracts is beyond me. How they do that and then walk into a poor person's house in their constituency is unfathomable. They are the scummiest of the scummy.


SP 2 years, 10 months ago

................. Neanderthal Christie Always On The Wrong Side Of Everything ...................

Christie is constantly proving every time he opens his mouth he is out of his depth and out of touch with reality.

The "world" rejects elitist views as proven by Brexit and are pushing back for Nationalism!

Time to get rid of Christie, take our country back from elite pirates and rebuild our county to benefit all Bahamians!



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