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AS the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology gets ready for the hosting of the first National High School Basketball Tournament this weekend in Grand Bahama, Ozzie ‘the Sports Insider’ Simon has released the rankings of the top teams.

Senior boys -  1. CC Sweeting, 2. Sunland Lutheran, 3. CI Gibson, 4. Jordan Prince Williams, 5. Doris Johnson, 6. Tabernacle Baptist Academy, 7. Anatol Rodgers, 8. Queen’s College, 9. St George’s, 10. Jack Hayward, 11. RM Bailey and 12. Teleos.

Seniors girls - 1. Doris Johnson, 2. CV Bethel, 3. CR Walker, 4. St Augustine’s College, 5. Jordan Prince Williams, 6. Harbour Island, 7. St John’s, 8. Teleos, 9. Tabernacle Baptist Academy, 10. Bishop Michael Eldon amnd 11. CI Gibson.



THE Baptist Sports Council has announced that its 2016 Basketball Classic will get underway at the basketball courts in the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex 10 am April 2.

In preparation for the start of the season, the BSC is scheduled to hold a meeting 10am Saturday, March 19 at the same venue and time for all churches interested in participating. 

The meeting will serve as the final registration for teams wishing to participate in the league, which will comprise of a 15-and-under, 19-and-under, open men and ladies or co-ed divisions. 

The registration fee is $200 per team in each division and all fees must be paid by the starting date on April 2 or teams will not be allowed to participate when the season gets underway. 

All teams are also reminded that they will have to be properly dressed in their team uniform tops and all team rosters must be submitted by opening date in order to participate.


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