Michelle Miller Motivationals: Are You Programmed To Win Or Lose?


Whether you know it or even agree with it, you are living according to your mental programme. We all are. The question is, are you mentally programmed to win or lose at life?

Mental programming is nothing new. Initially, our parents, teachers and other leaders provide some kind of guidance as to how we are to behave and live within in our society.

If those who guide us are themselves of a positive, winner’s mindset, they will more likely guide us to be winners. However, if they are of a negative, loser kind of mentality, they will most certainly impart this quality of thinking.

This is so because people can only take you where they have been. They can only give you what they already possess. For this reason, as an adult it is critical that you reevaluate the quality of your mental programming. Because like it or not, your life is the result of your mentality.

If you think like a winner, your life will reflect winner’s results. Whatever is rooted in your mind shapes your thinking and directs the choices that you make. Bear in mind that ‘winning’, as it were, is not necessarily about accumulating more things, but more about understanding your capacity to win at living an empowered life.

Across the world, there are many happy and aggressive societies.

Each is the results of the mindset of the people. Our mindset is created by the information and behaviour that consistently dominates our minds. As they say, garbage in equals in garbage out.

Perhaps you may not realise it, but your mind gathers and stores the information you feed it. The better quality information, the better quality choices you are able to make.

Winners often look at the consequences before they make their choice, whereas losers often act first and think later. In many cases, this reacting without thought often comes from the feelings that they have lost even before they begin.

The good thing here is that this thing called life is a fluid, flexible journey. Nobody is destined to remain in a loser state of mind. You can at any time change your mindset towards winning at your life. Your mind has no limits. It can achieve anything you desire. The difficulty for most is finding the willpower to do the work. This means deleting the loser kind of thinking and reloading their mind with more empowering information. Remember whatever you put in is what comes out.

To live a winner’s life, you must have a winner’s mentality. A track athlete cannot become a gold medallist if they are thinking like a loser. Winning first happens in the mind before it happens on the track. Once your mind is set to win your behaviour follows.

The bigger truth is you are born to win, not to lose. Winning is your birthright. However, you must believe in yourself and be willing to do the work on rebuilding your mental program in a positive way. Be courageous in your choices and set a winner’s expectation. All and all, we get what we expect.

Leader to leader, you win by winning in your mind first. Reset your mental programme towards winning by feeding your mind positive information.

Make today the day that you commit to winning and living the empowered life that you love.

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• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach and leadership expert. Visit www.michellemmiller.com or send mail to PO Box CB-13060.


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