Six Haitian Men Charged In Connection With Drug Seizure

Suspected packages of cocaine were seized.

Suspected packages of cocaine were seized.


Tribune Staff Reporter


SIX Haitian men were remanded to prison on Friday afternoon following their arraignment in connection with the recent seizure of nearly $2 million worth of suspected cocaine.

Jean Kenedy Lubin, 48, Misney Thevil, 47,  Frantz Darre, 40, Luc-Robert Sti Fleur, 38, Oles Paul, 31, and 29-year-old Nakeson Simeon, appeared before Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes facing four criminal charges stemming from the May 11 seizure: conspiracy to import dangerous drugs, conspiracy to possess dangerous drugs with intent to supply, importation of dangerous drugs and possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply.

It is claimed that they plotted the smuggling operation as early as May 6 and were found with the cocaine on May 11.

The accused men pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

The Drug Enforcement Unit, acting on intelligence from the southern islands, determined that a large 60-foot freighter did not call to a port in Inagua. The unit continued surveillance of the vessel and intercepted the boat around 7.30pm off the northern tip of Eleuthera.

The vessel was ferried into the capital nearly 12 hours later where DEU officers searched and found several concealed compartments. Suspected cocaine was found a number of packages in the compartments.

The six males on board the vessel were taken into custody.

Chief Magistrate Forbes told the men they would stand trial on September 6.


SP 4 years, 2 months ago

If they Interrogate known moles in RBPF and RBDF force and expose the highest ranking Bahamas tonton macoute they can eliminate the connection between corrupt politicians who are the obvious ringleaders of drug and human smuggling!

US State Department had the same issues with Haitians in Florida, and must have collected tons of cell phone surveillance evidence between this cartel after two decades of undetected cell phone spying as Haitians are culturally addicted to cell phone use.


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