Beware Of What You Ask For

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Each week, I struggle through Nicole Burrows somewhat rambling and long-winded commentaries. At the end, however, I am still unclear as to the point she is trying to make.

However, recently she came out with firm proposals, eg the Bahamas becoming a Republic with a President. There are two types of Presidents in countries which have adopted the same. One is where he or she has mere ceremonial duties, the other where he or she is vested with real power. As an example of the former, take India, the World’s largest democracy by far. When becoming a Republic, it chose to have a President with mere ceremonial power just like our present Governor General.

As examples of the latter, take Robert Mugabe or Hugo Chavez and his successors who have bankrupted their countries due to their unlimited power. The same goes for all the despots and dictators, particularly those in Africa, who have clung to presidential powers and further unconstitutional terms causing civil wars, misery and suffering.

She seems to indicate that we should follow somewhat the latter. So how does “President Fred Mitchell” with unfettered foreign affairs sound.

“Beware of what you may ask, you may just get it”.



May 27, 2016.


Sickened 4 years, 2 months ago

President Fred Mitchell??? You scared the shit out of me!!!


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