$700,000 Bill To Repair Major Healthcare Facilities


Tribune Staff Reporter


REPAIRS to the country’s three main public healthcare institutions in the wake of Hurricane Matthew will cost more than $700,000, Public Hospitals Authority Managing Director Herbert Brown said yesterday.

Mr Brown said repairs to both the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre in New Providence, as well as The Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Grand Bahama, will cost an estimated $740,000.

Mr Brown said the PHA is currently seeking to solicit the necessary funding to cover the expenses. However, he said the PHA has made “temporary repairs” to the roofs of each of those facilities in the interim.

Mr Brown also announced that the planned renovations to PMH’s Maternity Ward will be placed on hold until after repairs are made to remedy the damage the hospital sustained from Hurricane Matthew.

He said the PHA is currently utilising its contractor for the Maternity Ward to also assist with repairs to the hospital’s roof.

Mr Brown also said the clinic in West Grand Bahama that was severely damaged during Hurricane Matthew has since been “taken out of operation.” However, he said the PHA has identified another facility for use and that clinical services for West Grand Bahama will be restored by next Monday.

In the interim, Mr Brown said the PHA has consolidated the services for both the West End clinic and the Eight Mile Rock clinic. Residents of West End will have to use the Eight Mile Rock clinic until repairs to the area’s clinic have been completed.

Mr Brown also said Davies House in Grand Bahama, which is responsible for mammography and opthalmology, had also sustained “some manner of damage” as a result of Hurricane Matthew. However, Mr Brown said repair work has already commenced on that building.

“We could have had much more severe damage if we didn’t have a plan in place prior to the storm,” Mr Brown added. “And I think it was as a result of the plan we’ve always had in place. We started our hurricane preparation since May of this year, and as a direct result of the plan we were able as you can see to be in a position to restore services almost immediately following the storm. So we are very happy.”

When asked by a reporter for an update on planned renovations to the Maternity Ward, Mr Brown said: “Of course the hurricane set us back a little bit, because what we’re doing now is we’re using the contractor that we’ve had for the Maternity Ward to assist us with some of the repairs to the roof.

“So our focus now is being able to repair all of the damages that we’ve had and once that’s done we will then focus again on the Maternity Ward.”

He added: “I must say that even up to yesterday our contractors were mobilizing for the maternity ward. So they’re trying to do both at the same time. So we’re very pleased with the progress we’re making so far.”

Last month, the government held a contract signing ceremony for major renovations for the Maternity and Male Surgical Wards as well as the Legacy Entrance at PMH.

The contract, valued at nearly $15m, was signed with a Texas-based company headed by a Bahamian architect and will begin the process of bringing PMH up to world standards, according to Prime Minister Perry Christie.


BahamaPundit 2 years, 12 months ago

$500,000 for cronies. $200,000 for repairs. What's next on the list for how 100 million of 150 million dollars borrowed for hurricane relief will be laundered into the pockets of PLP cronies. All repairs should be conducted by the Ministry of Works. Not a cent should be borrowed!!!!


SP 2 years, 12 months ago

............... Herbert Brown Accounted For New Extension Missing Millions Yet? ..................

Please don't tell us Herbert Brown is still allowed to get his hands on more public funds. This guy so slick he can make millions disappear without even saying Hocos Pocos!!!


JohnDoes 2 years, 12 months ago

Matthew came to remind the government about who they are really serving, which is the people that make this country natively what it is. It's hardworking, slaving Bahamians that have to pay double the price on products with a VAT fee attached. All the money that we hard working Bahamians earn, if any, has to go to keeping food on our tables and keeping the light on. The government and offshore banks are wasting no time kicking people out of their homes who have been paying mortgages and all of a sudden cant keep up because of either mass redundancies and or employment terminations and obviously all the other undetected spending and fraudulent activities. Tthe uncontrolled splurging and misappropriation of our taxes has forever been a problem since our independence. The high cost of living and follying of the government is the reason why the people are scared and relecutant to invest in the country along with an indirect prejudice that 'Bahamians are bad for business' associated with crab in bucket syndrome. Every dollar earned is kept and held on to for as long one can because of the problems we face as a result of the deterioration of the country, this problem is on everyone's door step. Im sure the adoption of carnival has been regretted especially with all the money spent & hardly any earned and maybe if you weren't investing the peoples money on partying, trips, luncheons, and pay offs along with all the other under wrap splurging then we would not need to add to our already mountainous deficit.


DDK 2 years, 12 months ago

Why the h e double l are the buildings not insured? Or would that be just too responsible and sensible? Surely with all the employees hired by Government and paid by the taxpayers, there is not ONE person capable of handling insurance affairs?


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