Dangerous Poles On St Michael Rd

EDITOR, The Tribune

ST MICHAEL Road serves as a main route for drivers commuting from Prince Charles Drive to Soldier Road.

As has been reported, the pole nearest to the junction of St Michael’s Road and Prince Charles Drive (one way road) is broken at the base and is leaning across the road and being held up only by the electrical cable.

Since this road has high traffic at all times, should the electrical cable give way whilst cars are passing this could be fatal to the driver and pasengers. This, in my view, is dangerous and hazardous.

Urgent attention should be given by the Bahamas Power & Light Company to secure or replace the pole, or at least the road blocked until the repair can be done to prevent any serious incident of loss of life.

It should also be noted that this pole is in front of a pre-school. I hope this matter is taken seriously and dealt with urgently by BPL.



October 18, 2016


sealice 5 years, 1 month ago

sadly it's in front of a school and this government has proven over and over again they don't care about schools or our children so ..... don't hold your breath please find an alternate route


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