Women asked to witness God’s ‘Manifestation Time’

Christian women are once again being asked to witness the “Heart of God” during a special four-day conference which organisers said will help them overcome their troubles in these difficult times.

Under the theme “Manifestation Time”, members of the Evangelistic Temple will host their 15th annual Women After the Heart of God Conference next month.

The Evangelistic Temple Assemblies of God, located on Collins Avenue, have become renowned over the years for hosting this conference, which has been touted as “life-changing”.

Organisers said Bahamian women can look forward to a power-packed ministry which will begin on November 9 at 7.30pm at the church and culminate on November 12 with a prayer breakfast at 8am.  

“This proclamation, given by God to our president, Minister Vernita Lopez, is intended to remind all women in the islands of the Bahamas, along with their families, that God has already strengthened, anointed and appointed them to confront every challenge or crisis in their lives with His amazing courage. It’s manifestation time, and all that they need do is give themselves to God and watch Him move on their behalf,” said the organisers within the church’s Women’s Ministry.

Highlights of the conference will include a Family Night on the first day; Rev Christina Bethell giving the message “Receive the Double Portion Anointing” on the second night, and Pastor Cleopatra Williams delivering the message “Gather Your Empty Vessels the Oil is Flowing” on the third night.

The fourth and final night will see Apostle Anne Grant speaking on the topic of “There is Nothing Dead in my House”.

Moreover, on the final evening, the message “Wash in the River and be Cleansed” will be an invitation by Rev Lavette McFall to all in attendance to wade in the river of God’s power and be washed and wonderfully healed.

All sessions are free with the exception of the prayer breakfast which requires a donation of $5. 

“Attendees will also be given the opportunity to register for the conference with a seed of $25, and will enjoy a beautiful, frequently sought-after gift packet,” said the organisers. 

Additionally, infant and child-care services will be available for children up to age nine.

Minister Lopez said she is inviting all women to this powerful and transformative conference. It is her belief that despite these perilous times of rampant financial challenges, illness and worry, God Almighty will rescue people, just as he did those during the time of Elisha.

“Indeed, it’s ‘Manifestation Time’. Come and witness God as your omnipotent provider, healer and restorer of all that was lost,” said the organisers.


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